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Ramadan Kareem! Сall abroad with Yolla! Promo code inside

Over 1.6 billion of Muslims worldwide celebrate the Holiest month of the Islamic calendar – Ramadan 2017 – starting today! The holiday is also known as Ramzan, Ramazan, Ramadhan, and Ramathan. It’s a paramount month ending with an Eid holiday for all the Muslim cultures when people fast from dusk till dawn, devote themselves to God and pray for those who are in need. Families also gather together for meals to celebrate this day. And if you are abroad and can’t join your family now, you have Yolla to help you. Simply call them abroad with Yolla and celebrate Ramadan together!

Religious fasting traditions are encouraged in many other cultures as well. Thus, Catholics give up meat for Lent, Orthodox Christians fast for over a month before Easter, and Jews fast during Yom Kippur. In Islam fasting in Ramzan is a crucial part of the religion. Muslims get closer to God through self-control observed during that Holy time, pay special attention to their inner nature and spirits.

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