view of Bologna city center from above

Yolla Travel Destinations. Bologna. Part 1

As far as Yolla is a must-have app for international calls, it’s an essential addition to smartphones for many tourists and globe-trotters, which means our users do travel and travel a lot. That made us questioning: why not to put a light on some must-visits spots all over the world we adore? Hence, welcome to Yolla Travel Destination Guideposts on favorite places of the Yolla team worldwide with personal recommendations, hints, and hacks, and only God knows what else!

So, we’re starting the guide with our being-carried-away-with-Italy PR and marketing manager – Natalie. She’ll tell her story of one of the most underestimated by tourists cities (luckily) – Bologna.

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always cold and grey Saint Petersburg city in Russia

World’s Leading Travel Destination 2016. Part 1

Last Friday, on the 3d of December, World Travel Awards announced winners of the best travel destinations worldwide for 2016. It’s the most prestigious travel award – Oscar for travel industry. Saint Petersburg, Russia, was honoured to get the Grand-Prix in nomination “World’s Leading Cultural City”! It’s a breakthrough, meaning not only the highest recognition of potential growth from international committee but also bright future on the international hospitality market. And, undoubtedly, lots of tourists will be coming there in the nearest future!

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Calling card issues

4 Reasons to Stop Using Calling Cards for Long-Distance…

Let us start this post with a little confession: as creators of the Yolla calling app, we are a bit obsessed by long distance calling topic. While normally people meet their friends returning from a trip abroad with words: “Hey, how it was? Let’s see your pics!”, our first question is always: “How did you call home from your destination”. And what do we hear? 9 of 10 people use long distance calling cards. Yeah, that old-fashioned, expensive, clumsy peaces of paper. Disaster! If you too is a member of calling cards holders club, read this post as soon as possible, and find out why you should stop using it.

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How to get free public wifi

How to Get Free Wifi in Any Country in…

All travellers know, how difficult it can be to catch wifi signal in a new country. Most of times, we have to choose: spend hours trying to find free wifi hotspots, or spend euros on paid connection in our hotels. Not fair price for posting to Facebook, or checking Email, isn’t it? This article will give you 4 simple ideas on how to find free public wifi near you when travelling abroad. Wherever you are: eating pasta in Milano, or surfing sea on Bali, our tips will 100% work.

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