guy sitting on the side of the roof with a phone and using Yolla

Why Yolla is the Best International Calling App

A year ago we launched Yolla – the best international calling app we ever created on both iOS and Android platforms.
Despite the fact that there are hundreds of other calling apps, there’s no app like Yolla. We differ from all of them by offering uncompromising calling opportunities and… nothing else.  No stickers, no social networks integration, no annoying pushes and other things that distract you from talking. We are all about international calls – and by focusing on calls, we’ve made Yolla the best one for that.

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Yolla Calls just turned 1 year, happy birthday Yolla!

Happy Birthday, Yolla!

Today, on the 20th of October, Yolla celebrates 1-year Anniversary!

Our app was released exactly a year ago and has touched thousands of lives since then. This year has flown by so fast that it was hard to believe it at first, but we couldn’t be more excited. Today Yolla is changing the way people keep in touch with their loved ones abroad and will keep on changing it for good. Hopefully. 🙂

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apps we love in the Russian AppStore

Yolla Featured in Apps We Love

Guess what? Yolla has recently been featured in Apps We Love on the AppStore in Russia!

It’s a big deal to be highlighted by Apple. We can’t help but wonder: how far have we grown since the very beginning! Getting into Apps We Love listing makes us feel so thrilled, we simply couldn’t be more excited.

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Call abroad for less with Yolla app

Yolla Shows How to Make Cheap International Calls

Since the very beginning of Yolla one of the most frequently asked questions was: “How does it differ from all the apps I’ve been using by now”? It differs and a lot!

Instead of writing tedious explanations we decided to shot the video to answer all at once and picked someone charismatic to show how Yolla works. The video covers almost all the features that Yolla has by now. And it probably is the best guideline on how to easily make cheap international calls with Yolla! We’re pretty sure you’ll love it.

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