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How to Make Cheap International Calls with Yolla

Since the very beginning of Yolla one of the most frequently asked questions was: “How does it differ from all the apps I’ve been using by now”? It differs and a lot!

Instead of writing tedious explanations we decided to shot the video to answer all at once and picked someone charismatic to show how Yolla works. The video covers almost all the features that Yolla has by now. And it probably is the best guideline on how to easily make cheap international calls with Yolla! We’re pretty sure you’ll love it.

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spanish fest Yolla News

Yolla Available in Spanish Now!

Buenas noticias para los amigos de habla hispana!

In other words, good news for all our Spanish-speaking friends: since now Yolla is available in Spanish! We are so happy that starting from today even more people may enjoy using our app in their mother tongue. Another reason to invite your Spanish-speaking friends and start talking to them through Yolla!

¡Tenga una buena charla and have a nice day!

Yolla becoming a Silver Winner of UK App Design Awards Yolla News

Yolla gets UK App Design Award!

In our very first year Yolla has already been recognised – this week we were honored to become Silver Winner of UK App Design Awards!

Our team has worked hard to develop the most user-friendly, clean and transparent interface so that users have the best experience while using Yolla for calling abroad. Each button, colour and content unit were thoroughly considered and thought-out. We are used to researching a lot, so we have done a considerable amount of pre-tests and research. We have also had a fruitful cooperation with the design agency and in the end everything turned out to be just perfect.

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Call ordinary phone with international calling app Tech News

Best Android & iOS App for Free International Calls

Making international phone calls from your phone doesn’t have to be expensive.

Truth to be told, with an international calling app, sometimes it can even be free.

That’s because there are many free calling apps that allow you to make international calls at almost no cost. These aren’t traditional “phone calls” — you don’t really have to dial a difficult series of numbers or worry about making sure you have the right country code to reach the person you want to talk to. But the final result is the same: You use your mobile phone to speak to someone, and it doesn’t matter at all whether they are next door or on the other side of the world.

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