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iOS 14 Important Announcement

With the release of iOS 14, Apple gives its users more control over permissions that apps require and adds more transparency to how apps collect and handle user data.

We at Yolla gladly welcome this since user privacy and transparency is one of our major concerns.

We care about our users and always follow Apple guidelines. That is why iOS 14 Yolla users might see new pop-ups asking for additional permissions. In this post we want to tell you more about these permissions and explain everything to you.
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Yolla News

Yolla Features Overview

Thank you for using Yolla! Our main purpose is to make international calls affordable. With Yolla you can call landlines and mobiles all over the world at cheap rates; all while avoiding roaming charges. Yes, yes, you’ve heard it a ton of times.

But we do not limit ourselves only to calls. We have a bunch of other useful features that might come in handy every now and then. So here we offer a full overview of all of Yolla’s functions.

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