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Meet International Mobile Top Up

Being a customer-friendly company, we see the needs of our clients and understand that people living abroad want to support their loved ones back home.

Without further ado, we present you international mobile top-ups.

Now in Yolla, you can easily send phone credits to almost any number in the world. We support 500+ operators in 145+ countries, and are looking forward to expand our top-up coverage in the future. Mobile top-up us currently available only in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Russia.

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International Calling Tips

WiFi calling abroad – Pros and Cons

When Skype was released in 2003, it turned the telecommunications world upside down. The ability to use your computer to make a call (video or audio) to another computer over the internet was revolutionary. Call anywhere in the world with an internet connection and avoid crazy phone bills – sounds incredible, right?

Since then, the field of “VoIP” – Voice over Internet Protocol – has grown into a multitude of diverse and unique offerings.

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Yolla News

Use Google Assistant to Make Calls through Yolla

We are thrilled to announce our brand new feature – support of Google Assistant for making international calls through Yolla. Being software enthusiasts, we always try to keep up to date with modern technologies and adopt new solutions to make calling abroad more convenient and affordable. We are also proud to be the first app for international calls to add the support of smart speakers.

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