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Top Startup Cities in the World

In startups – not only in a real estate – it’s all about location. Even if your workers are remote and you don’t have a physical office, the place where your headquarters are really mattered. From hiring people to dealing with taxes – location determines a lot. Not to mention the place has to be easily accessible for partners and investors.

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Perks of Education Abroad

In our multicultural and fast-living world studying abroad may bring only the very best experience to a student’s life. Today going abroad to study is not sophisticated: students have multiple opportunities in each university to choose from on where to go, what to learn, how much time to spend abroad etc. If you are enrolled at a university at home, it’s possible to participate in an international student exchange program for a semester or even the whole year. In particular, in Europe, there’s a famous Erasmus Mundus foundation which helps to become an exchange and even gives out scholarships! Millions of students do Erasmus each year and we recommend not to miss a chance to be one of them. Additionally, you may go on summer education abroad programs – who knows, maybe you’ve been dreaming of learning Italian, why not to start next summer?

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HD Voice to Drastically Improve Your Calls

HD Voice hype is all around. More and more mobile carriers now are implementing HD Voice calls, but that feature is mostly available only if both sides of a conversation has the same carrier or even the same smartphones. But what if you also want to enjoy drop-free calls without muffled voices and broken-up conversations but are not ready to change mobile carriers of all your friends?

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