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Winter heroes

Starting from the late November here comes the time of holidays, presents, sparkles everywhere and champagne/mulled wine all the time. And as shops and streets are turning into Christmas mode extremely fast, we start seeing Santa’s traces all around.

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black friday time with woman happy about huge discounts - Yolla Lifestyle

Get your BLACK FRIDAY bonus!

Black Friday is coming, and we are excited to announce that Yolla takes part in Black Friday Fun*!

As Yolla is a great app for sharing emotions with people who are far-far away, we decided for this Black Friday to add extra 10% from the next payment for your extra-talking! The holiday season is ahead, and we know that you will love the opportunity to talk with your friends and family a little bit more. 

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black friday time with woman happy about huge discounts - Yolla Lifestyle

Black Friday Time!

On the last Friday of November bargain lovers from all over the world will be celebrating the biggest sales and discounts festival – Black Friday. It’s still a week ahead but people are already spending hours online eagerly searching for the best Black Friday deals to buy first when Black Friday fever will officially begin. Following Thanksgiving, it’s usually taken as a day off and is dedicated to shopping.

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guy sitting on the side of the roof with a phone and using Yolla Yolla News

Why Yolla is the Best International Calling App

A year ago we launched Yolla – the best international calling app we ever created on both iOS and Android platforms.
Despite the fact that there are hundreds of other calling apps, there’s no app like Yolla. We differ from all of them by offering uncompromising calling opportunities and… nothing else.  No stickers, no social networks integration, no annoying pushes and other things that distract you from talking. We are all about international calls – and by focusing on calls, we’ve made Yolla the best one for that.

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Calling card issues Travel Tips

4 Reasons to Stop Using Calling Cards for Long-Distance…

Let us start this post with a little confession: as creators of the Yolla calling app, we are a bit obsessed by long distance calling topic. While normally people meet their friends returning from a trip abroad with words: “Hey, how it was? Let’s see your pics!”, our first question is always: “How did you call home from your destination”. And what do we hear? 9 of 10 people use long distance calling cards. Yeah, that old-fashioned, expensive, clumsy peaces of paper. Disaster! If you too is a member of calling cards holders club, read this post as soon as possible, and find out why you should stop using it.

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