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International Calls: When WhatsApp Won’t Save You

I work in Yolla, and here’s my heart crying out.

Yolla is an application designed for international calls. Nothing to hide: when people hear about Yolla for the first time, following response in 80% of cases is “Why should I try Yolla for international calls when I have WhatsApp or Viber?”

Well, that’s a point in some cases. Some is a keyword. Fact: even though it seems that the internet access has each and every one – that’s pretty far away from reality. Accordingly to the Digital 2017: Global Overview statistics, global Internet users penetration rate is 50% only, meaning the half of the world has NO internet access at all! Overwhelming, huh? The same studies show that only 34% of the global population use social networks. To call international to anyone from the rest 66%, Whatsapp or Viber will not help much – but Yolla will!

Now one can say that probably everyone in an average person’s contact list has a smartphone with some apps installed. So you may call everyone for free – in theory. I agree with that. Changing from one international calling app to another is a demanding, tough and sophisticated thing to do (actually not). But here’s the thing: remember the last time you were on an app-to-app call while your friend was on the run at the same time. Getting call-drops each time he/she gets up and down, poor connection in some parts of the route, an awful noise from the background – I’m sure everyone is familiar with that. WhatsApp app-to-app calling is good ONLY when both sides have an above average internet connection. Yolla solves the problem – the one on the Wi-Fi makes a call, another one gets a usual call independently from the internet. Just a call which goes perfectly well whenever you have a cellular data connection. All sides to be satisfied.

And you still call landlines sometimes. Remember that time you needed to contact a restaurant to book a table. Or called a doctor’s office to book a visit. Or called your old grandma who hates smartphones. Occasionally happens to everyone. Now imagine: in all these cases you’re abroad with a ridiculously high roaming tariffs. Such an international call from SIM-card would cost you a fortune, but once again – here’s Yolla to help you out! Connect to any Wi-Fi around and call whoever and wherever you want – landline or mobile – spending almost nothing on international calls.

If these points are still not convincing enough, check out real cases from our users. We’ve got them by emails from our loyal users and cannot help posting them here. Yolla happened to be a lifesaver, and no other app could ever perform this way.

Part one is here, revealing a story on getting out of a roaming zone when being abroad and managing an issue with a mobile operator via Wi-Fi and Yolla. Parts two and three are about to come out soon – don’t miss out!

Roaming to Be Cut Off

I visited this conference in Colorado Springs a couple of months ago. I had like 5 meetings a day on my schedule. Not to get cut off I had turned on all the roaming settings in advance, topped up my SIM-card balance for like $200. You must always be on call during such trips, right? I thought I had covered everything. How wrong was I!

The plane landed, I turned on my iPhone, and no connection was there. I didn’t manage to find any available network even manually. I waited for a while but nothing happened. Reboots didn’t help. I headed to the hotel, connected to Wi-Fi and started searching for information on my carrier’s website, and it took a while before I found a hotline phone number (nothing else was there). Luckily I had Yolla – connected to Wi-Fi, I called international and talked for like a half an hour before they figured out the problem was on the local networks’ side. The funny thing was when they saw I was calling abroad from my phone number telling I’m off the line – they just didn’t believe me! Anyway, my phone was healed, and I spent less than $3 on that lifelong international call to the carrier’s support. Yolla is a bless!

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Last but not least, this handsome guy has another typical user story to share with you: