Calls to Asia

Need to call Asia from the US, Canada, Australia or any other country? No problem! Just get Yolla for Android or iOS and you’re all set to dial any Asian number. We’ll help you avoid costly roaming fees and save on international calls regardless of destination. Get HD quality calling to Asia at the cheapest rates and a bunch of other useful features – all in one app.

What do I need to call Asia?

1. Click the store buttons below or scan the QR code with your camera to download the app and get a top-up bonus:

scan QR code and get Yolla app

2. Sign up with your phone number and get calling credits via bank card, Paypal or in-app purchase. You can cancel the payment any time.

3. Dial a Asian phone number: pick anyone from your contact list or dial the number straight on the dialing pad. Don’t forget to add a country code before dialing the number. You can find the country code here.

Pro tip: you can get extra credits to call Asia for free by inviting friends. Open the "Get Free Credits" menu on Android or tap on the "Gift" button on iOS to invite your friends. Once your friend makes their first payment, you both receive an extra $3!

Why should I call Asia with Yolla?

  • Cheap calling rates to both mobiles and landlines – avoid roaming fees and save on calls.
  • Premium HD quality calls – no lags, echoes, disruptions or noises.
  • No extra fees, no commitment, no money-draining shady subscriptions, just a plain per-minute rate.
  • We preserve your number – the person on the other end always knows it is you.
  • Easy and secure payments – you can purchase calling credits with Visa, Mastercard and Paypal as well as in-app purchases.
  • Better than Asia calling cards – we offer higher quality and more affordable rates.
  • Discounts and promotions – we offer promo codes to our users every now and then. Subscribe to our socials not to miss the next offer to come!