Which country has the +674 Area Code?

Flag of NauruNauru
  • +674
    Nauru country code
    Local time in Yaren
    Your time  

How to Call to +674 Phone Area for Free

Need to call to Nauru, and don’t want to pay through the nose? Just get Yolla  the best international calling app for your smarthphone. Whenever you are - on Jamaica, Iceland, or somewhere else - just dial the +674 phone area number on your iOS or Android device, and get the unbelievably great call connection for unbelievably low rates. Or, that’s even more: do 3 fast preparations, and call to Nauru for free! So, let’s go:

Step 1. Install Yolla

At first, refer to Google Play or App Store, and install Yolla to your smartphone.


Or just scan this QR code with your Android/iOS device and get the app in a blink!

scan QR code and get Yolla app

Step 2. Take Part to Yolla Bonus Program

Open Yolla, and follow to the Get Free Credits screen. Here you’ll see your personal referral link. Share it to your friends, and get $2 for each friend who installs Yolla through your link, and tops up their balance in Yolla

Step 3. Place Your Call

After the bonus credits were added to your Yolla balance, you can make a free call to Nauru, or any other country code area in the World.