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Why Yolla?

Save Money When Calling Abroad

Are used to spend a fortune on calling overseas? Manage your wallet wisely - reduce calls expenses with international calling app Yolla! How? Check out our international calling rates to see it yourself. International dialing has never been easier!

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With Yolla you see the accurate and total price per minute the moment you dial international number you need. No hidden charges and fees: pay the sum shown on your screen!

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People you are about to talk to need neither Yolla installed on their smarthphones nor even the smartphone itself. Any device made for telephoning will accept a call from Yolla. Dial abroad whenever you need!

More About Yolla - the International Calling App

With our international calling app you don't need to google “how to make international calls” anymore. Just use our simple app: dial international numbers or choose someone from your contact list and enjoy high quality connection at the lowest rates. There's even more: if a person you are calling has Yolla installed, your call will be FREE.