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Cheap International Calls

Call Abroad Cheaply

Are you used to spend a fortune on calling overseas? Manage your wallet wisely – make cheap international calls with Yolla! Call India, call Ethiopia and make cheap calls to Nigeria as well as to any other country. International dialing has never been easier!

See Rate Before Calling

With Yolla you see the accurate and total price per minute the moment you dial the international number you need. No hidden charges and connection fees: pay the sum shown on your screen!

Call Any Phone Worldwide

People you are about to talk to need neither Yolla installed on their smartphones nor even the smartphone itself. Any device made for telephoning will accept a call from Yolla. Call abroad whenever you need!

International Сalling App That Keeps Your Phone Number

Being abroad and need to make calls? Be yourself – keep your existing phone number and still be able to make cheap international calls. With Yolla, an international calling app that is different, you don’t need to worry anymore.

Despite obvious cases when you can call app-to-app for free, we all face moments when we need to dial an international number without Viber or WhatsApp installed. From booking a table at a restaurant to calling your friends who haven’t connected to Wi-Fi yet – there are plenty of situations when Yolla happens to be a lifesaver.

Imagine: your bank card gets blocked and you need to call a bank from your original number. Or your roaming connection failed and all you have is Wi-Fi to call to your carrier office.

You can also have troubles with airplane tickets which can only be solved in a phone talk – we all have been there, and there are plenty of such things awaiting. It’s a life, and, luckily, there is Yolla for us not to get lost!