Skype users are affected by RAMNIT virus

If you are still calling with Skype – it’s time to turn to Yolla! These days many Skype users are getting random links from hacked with Ramnit virus accounts. By clicking it you get the Ramnit mailware on your device as well. Once accessed, the virus is spreading all over the new account and can

Top Startup Cities in the World

In startups – not only in a real estate – it’s all about location. Even if your workers are remote and you don’t have a physical office, the place where your headquarters are really matters. From hiring people to dealing with taxes – location determines a lot. Not to mention the place has to be

Invite Friends. Get Free Credits.

Want to call FOR FREE? Are you an active Yolla user? Want to become one? Eager to get extra credits and give a $2 gift to your friends? We’re excited to announce the start of Yolla $2+2 Bonus Program! It’s as easy as one-two-three. You’ll get $2 credits for each friend who installs Yolla and

Perks of Education Abroad

In our multicultural and fast-living world studying abroad may bring only the very best experience to a student’s life. Today going abroad to study is not sophisticated: students have multiple opportunities in each university to choose from on where to go, what to learn, how much time to spend abroad etc. If you are enrolled

HD Voice to Drastically Improve Your Calls

HD Voice hype is all around. More and more mobile carriers now are implementing HD Voice calls, but that feature is mostly available only if both sides of a conversation has the same carrier or even the same smartphones. But what if you also want to enjoy drop-free calls without muffled voices and broken-up conversations

How Do People Celebrate New Year Worldwide

Thanks to Gregorian calendar Western Hemisphere will step into a new 2017 year and a new life this Saturday, when we all will be celebrating New Year’s Eve. However, while the most of us will be sipping champagne, dancing and having a great time with friends and family, the rest of the world will be

5 Tips on Fighting Homesickness

Why do people move overseas? Sometimes it’s for work, sometimes it’s to study and some people want to gain new experience and see the world while they still can. What unites these people is that they are supposed to enjoy their new lives more – well, mostly – than the ones they used to live.

World’s Leading Travel Destination 2016. Part 2

photo credit: @dj_gurevich We’ve already made a list of top places to eat and drink coffee for foreigners in the World’s Leading Cultural City Destination of 2016 – Saint Petersburg. Now, as promised, we are going to  tell you about places where to have fun – both at night and during the day. Let’s start with

World’s Leading Travel Destination 2016. Part 1

photo credit: @vikbala Last Friday, on the 3d of December, World Travel Awards announced winners of the best travel destinations worldwide for 2016. It’s the most prestigious travel award – Oscar for travel industry. Saint Petersburg, Russia, was honoured to get the Grand-Prix in nomination “World’s Leading Cultural City”! It’s a breakthrough, meaning not only the

World Hello Day

Today is the 44th annual World Hello Day! Due to Egypt and Israel conflict in the Fall of 1973 people began this day to always remember about importance of personal communication in preserving peace worldwide. To take part in the celebration simply greet at least 10 people. And Yolla is the best way to do that!