Yolla vs Calling Cards

Yolla vs Calling Cards

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  1. Making a Call
  2. Price & Rates
  3. Features, Bonuses and Other Enjoyable Things
  4. Trustworthy and Reliable

Remember the time when travelers used to run throughout the city in search of a calling cards reseller? It was back then, in the before-innovations world, when we had long wires hanging all over apartments connecting our PCs to the internet and websites loading for hours. Mobile phones had antennas to be pulled out to receive calls and we had 32 MB on iPods to listen to music. Thank Gods now we have all these smartphones, fast Wifi at any home and 4G internet connection everywhere! Can you imagine listening to that 32 MB iPod instead of Spotify today? Hardly. And guess what - there are still hundreds of people doing calling cards in the 21st century. Seriously.

When being abroad it’s essential to stay in contact with your friends and relatives or with office concerning job-related issues. International calling can be pretty expensive sometimes which encourages people to think good old calling cards are the only option to save on calls abroad. It’s not like that. Today there are ways to make international calls from home in much cheaper and easier ways - Yolla best of them!

Let’s compare our innovative app with well-known calling cards in terms of call processing, rates and costs awareness, extra features and reliability. You’ll feel the difference!

Making a Call

Do you know how much does it take to call via calling card? A dinosaur-old much! First, you have to find a card reseller. Then you need to dial the toll-free access number. Then your PIN-code. Only the next step is dialing a number! One mistake, and you have to do it once again from scratch.

In Yolla, you just dial the number and call. Yes, that easy.

Price & Rates

With calling cards, they usually strategically hide the actual cost of a phone call while stressing out the rate per minute. You may buy a card but 100 minutes on it turn out to be 30’ or even less… They have connection fees, long-calls charges, rounding-ups the length of a call to a bigger number to charge for additional minutes and other tricks of the kind. Liars!

In Yolla, we show the exact price per minute the moment you’re dialing a number. Depending on countries of calling rates differ, but always stay low. We never charge hidden fees. It’s in principle. You can see all the rates on our website. Here, for example, are calling rates to Canada or Mexico.

Features, Bonuses and Other Enjoyable Things

What loyalty programs can calling cards have? One can hardly imagine any, as calling via this method goes on without any profiles and registrations. The only thing they can offer, probably, is the better quality of paper, right? They don’t show your number on outgoing calls, don’t offer crystal clear connection sound and you won’t get anything for telling friends about it.

In Yolla, we care about our users. We keep their numbers on each and every outcoming call so that everyone knows who is calling. We give $2 for every friend who comes from personal referral links and makes the first payment. We give out promo codes on every occasion that matters so that users may call their special ones more. We update everything regularly to keep up with the latest technologies. For instance, we work on iPv6 only - the first app to make this step on the market!

Trustworthy and Reliable

In Yolla, credits on your balance never expire. With calling cards, on the other side, they have up to a week expiration limit! Whatever it is, you can always talk to our support team, who are online 24/7. We don’t show ads - unlike calling cards where they steal your minutes talking products!

We have hundreds of positive and loving reviews on app stores and our Facebook page. And we’d love to have you among our users!

Get Yolla now and start calling smart!

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