Calling Overseas: When Cashless and Abroad

Calling Overseas: When Cashless and Abroad

Vivid travelers always get into these awkward situations when the cash is gone and bank cards get blocked in the most undesirable moment. To get out of this, they usually have to call overseas to the bank keeping the number so that account manager at the bank knows it’s the client calls. Here always is Yolla to help in these issues!

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Bank Card to Be Blocked: Calling Overseas to the Bank

I do travel, and I travel a lot for work. Almost on a monthly basis. Last time I came to the US with my 3 co-workers all the travel expenses our company provided were on our corporate debit card. We didn’t carry any cash, so the first essential thing to do was finding an ATM. And guess what? For the first time, my credit card was blocked all of the sudden! At first, I thought the ATM simply didn’t accept the bank card, which is perfectly normal on the other side of the globe. We started wandering from one bank to another searching for the ATM that worked. No one did. Starving, we had no other choice but to call overseas to the bank. Due to fraud detection measures, my bank insists that all the calls must proceed from your registered phone number, so neither Skype nor Viber Out could help me. Can you imagine how much would the overseas call from a carrier SIM-card cost me?! A million dollars per minute! I needed an app which would keep my number but still cost a little. Thank God I had Yolla – I didn’t have to call overseas using my SIM-card data connection. They keep the number for free! In Skype, as far as I know, that feature goes with premium subscriptions only. Anyway, can you imagine how much time did it take to get my card working?! First, I couldn’t get through to the available manager online. Then, they asked me an enormous number of security questions. After that, I had to name each ATM I tried to withdraw money from. But the worst was yet to come – the whole talk was in vain as the card wasn’t turned back on after all. I had to make an overseas call to them once again and proceeded through the interview from scratch. With Yolla, I spent a ridiculously small amount on these calls, no more than $7 in total. I can’t even imagine how much would it be if I’d call overseas with my mobile data. We all would die to starve and would never come back from that trip. Yolla helped us survive!


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