Yolla Free Calls – How to make free calls with Yolla

Yolla Free Calls – How to make free calls with Yolla

Table of Contents
  1. What is Yolla?
  2. Are Yolla International Calls Really Free?
  3. 1. Referral Program - Free Calls
  4. 2. Earn Free Credits With the Android Testing Program
  5. 3. Promotions - Earn Credit for Free Calls
  6. Start Making Free Calls - Download Yolla Today
At Yolla, we love creating gifts. And we know how much people love getting them. That’s why, a while ago, we came up with the idea of a Referral Program, to give Yolla free calls to our users. Since then, every user can get unlimited $3 credits by inviting friends to the Yolla app. All they need to do is share a personal referral link, and as soon as a friend clicks it, installs the app and buys credit, both of you get $3 to your Yolla balance. As a result, you get $3-worth of Yolla free calls! And there are a few other ways to earn credits for free calls with Yolla.  In this article, I’m going to explain each of these, in detail, and give you step-by-step instructions on how to successfully earn free Yolla credits with each method. This way, everything will be clear and you can even start making Yolla free calls today. Excited? We are. Let’s dive in.

What is Yolla?

First things first. What is the Yolla app? Yolla is an international and domestic WiFi calling app that allows you to make calls to other Yolla users from app-to-app or to call directly to mobiles and landlines in almost any country in the world. Yollas low rates and opportunity to earn free credits to make Yolla free calls make it an extremely useful and helpful app for anyone making calls overseas. The app, itself, is also free to download. At Yolla, we believe it’s everyone’s right to be able to connect with the important people in our lives, regardless of where they are located. Yolla removes the obstacles that separate us from our friends and loved ones in different countries around the world and lets you call any phone anywhere in the world at low rates, or even for free. 

Are Yolla International Calls Really Free?

Are Yolla app free calls real? Yes. Here’s how to make free calls with Yolla. With Yolla, you can make free international and domestic calls. Users can join the Yolla Referral Program, Android Testing Program or apply a Promotion code to their next top-up, all of which generate free credit for making calls to any phone in any country in the world.  Does that sound awesome? The credit earned in these three ways is the same as purchased credit. With it, you can make Yolla free calls to any mobile or landline phone in almost any country in the world.  Let’s have a look at each of these methods individually and go over the step-by-step instructions on how to earn Yolla free credits for Yolla free calls. 

1. Referral Program - Free Calls

The first way to make Yolla free calls is via the Yolla Referral Program As I explained above, with the Yolla referral program, the more you share, the more you earn.  For example, if you share your referral link with a friend, as soon he or she downloads Yolla and buys Yolla credit, you’ll both immediately receive $3 to your Yolla balance. For every friend that does the same with your link, you’ll receive an additional $3 to your Yolla balance.  You can then use this credit to make free domestic or international calls. The only difference is in the rate charged per destination. You are charged one rate per country, no matter which country you are calling from. For example:

Making a Free Call to the USA

With $3 in Yolla free credit, you can call any phone in the USA from anywhere in the world for more than 6 hours!

Making a Free Call to Nigeria

With $3 in Yolla free credit, you can talk for 30 minutes on a call to Nigeria!

Making a Free Call to India

With $3 in Yolla free credit, you can call anyone in India for almost 4 hours!

Keep Your Number With Yolla

Moreover, Yolla preserves your number when you call a mobile or landline. That means, when you call your bank, a friend, your phone carrier, a hotel, an airline or anyone else, your original phone number will appear on the recipient's caller ID. For example, your bank and your friends will know it’s you calling. 

How to Join the Yolla Referral Program

Here’s how to join the Referral Program and start making Yolla free calls today:
  1. Download the Yolla app (iOS, Android)
  2. Verify your number 
  3. Find your referral link by tapping the gift box icon on the bottom menu
  4. Copy the link and send it to your friends
For every friend that downloads the app via your link and buys credit, you receive a $3 bonus to your Yolla balance. That’s all! You can use this credit as you would use purchased credit to make Yolla free calls to any number in the world. 

Inside Tip From Yolla 

Occasionally, users reach out to our support team asking why they didn’t receive their bonus, even though a friend used their download link and bought credit. The referral code and bonus should apply automatically when your friend makes their purchase. However, you can try this to ensure you receive the bonus, without any technical errors:

1. Before your friend completes their purchase, ask them if a notice appears on the payment screen saying they’ll get the bonus after payment:

                yolla free calls androidyolla free calls ios apple

             Android                                                                                                                iOS

2.  If not, simply ask them to enter the referral code manually in the “Promotions” section before making their payment.

How to find the referral code:

https://yola.im/XXXXXX (referral code = “XXXXXX”) 

That was fun.  Now, more and more users have become involved in the game, which got us thinking – why not go further? Therefore, let us introduce another option for earning Yolla free credits for free international calls and free domestic calls: Android testing program!

2. Earn Free Credits With the Android Testing Program

The second option for making Yolla free calls, which is even cooler, is our Android testing program. Here, our Android users can join the beta testing program and don’t even have to do anything.  By agreeing to join it, you start getting occasional test calls and texts. They are few and far between. You don’t have to worry - we don’t bombard your phone with annoying test calls and texts.  You’ll occasionally notice a call or text pop up on your screen. You don’t need to answer or keep the texts. For each test received, call or text, you’ll notice an extra boost to your Yolla balance! Here’s how to join the Android testing program and start making Yolla free calls:
  1. Download the Yolla app
  2. Tap Get Free Credits
  3. Tap Testing Program
  4. Enable the test types you wish to participate in
Voila! That’s it. You’ll start receiving tests, calls or texts, and see extra credit appear in your Yolla balance. The third way to earn Yolla free credit and make Yolla free calls involves following Yolla on social media. 

3. Promotions - Earn Credit for Free Calls

Besides the two ways of earning free credits that I’ve outlined above, Yolla also regularly runs promotions via our social media channels. These promo codes give you a bonus on your next top-up.  For example, if we run a campaign with a 15% promo code, if you top-up your account for $3 and apply the code with your top-up, you’ll get an extra 15% ($0.45) added to your top-up. While $0.45 doesn’t sound like much, here’s what it amounts to in call-time to the USA:
  • $3.00 = 6.25 hrs
  • $3.45 = 7.10 hrs
That’s almost an hour of extra call time! Be sure to follow us and friend our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) to catch all the latest promo codes for more Yolla free calls.

Start Making Free Calls - Download Yolla Today

Any of the three options for earning Yolla free credit for Yolla free calls are fast and easy. You can get started with Yolla and be making Yolla free calls today with any of them.  If you can think of a friend who could benefit from using Yolla, download the app and start sharing your referral link today.  If you’re an Android user, there is even another easier option - you can also join the Android testing program in minutes and start earning Yolla free credits today. Don’t forget to check out our social media channels for current promotions. Just grab the code from the post and apply it to your next top-up.  Get the Yolla free download (iOS, Android) and start getting unlimited credits for free domestic and international calls with Yolla today. Happy calling!
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