10 Best Apps for International Calls and Texts – Ultimate guide for 2023

10 Best Apps for International Calls and Texts – Ultimate guide for 2023

What is the best app for international calls and texts? This is an important question and one we at Yolla may not entirely answer without bias. So in this article, we’ll give you an overview of some of the best apps for international calls, and share some of the features of Yolla that you won’t find elsewhere. 

What is the Best App for International Calls?

You know who you need to call and you don’t need to spend a fortune (gone are the days of calling cards). So, why not use a VoIP app for cheap international calls? Luckily, there are plenty to choose from. 

The VoIP market has grown exponentially over the past decade. In 2020, it was valued at $30B+ and is forecast to reach $95B by 2027.

The revolutionary concept of routing phone calls via the internet has opened up many ways to call (and text) all around the globe from different devices at the lowest rates we’ve ever seen. 

Today there’s a range of apps for international calling. All you need to do is head over to the App Store or Google Play, pick one, download it, buy some credit and start calling. 

To help you decide which one will best suit your needs, here is our list of the 10 best apps for international calls (and texts) for 2023. If you find one on this list, you’ll be sure to enjoy cheap and free international calling.

10 Best Apps for International Calls (And Texts) for 2023

  • Yolla
  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Google Voice
  • Boss Revolution
  • FaceTime
  • Vonage
  • Voxofon
  • Nobel App

Before we begin, here’s a summary of the info covered in this article.



WhatsApp Viber Telegram Google


Boss Rev. FaceTime Vonage Voxofon Nobel App
Free app-to-app calls
Free app-to-app messages
Calls to landlines and mobiles Limited 
Low rates n/a n/a
Keep your number for free Landline only ? ?
Available worldwide Limited
Customer web support (FAQ, Forum)
24/7 live chat/phone support
Secondary number Landline only
International texting ✅ 
Earn free credits for free calls n/a n/a limited
International Mobile Top Up

When you’re traveling, it’s good to have an international calling app that has no limitations at all. With the best app for international calls, you can rest assured you’ll always be able to call whoever you need, whenever you need, from wherever you are – at low rates. 

For example, when your plane lands and you need to call your AirBnB host to get directions to your hotel. Or if your bank card is blocked while you’re abroad. You’ll need an app to call directly to their customer support line. Not everyone has a smartphone. With the right app, you can call anyone’s mobile or landline. 

Let’s find the best app for international calls for your exact needs.

1. Yolla – Any phone, Anywhere in the world, at Low rates

App Store: 4.6 

Google Play: 4.7

Our users speak for themselves. Yolla’s reliability, affordability and useful features have made it a long-loved favorite among WiFi callers for years. It has a 4.6 rating on the App Store and 4.7 on Google Play.

It’s simply a matter of convenience, reliability and features, like international mobile top-up and the Yolla VPN, that have earned its reputation. You want to call for low rates. You want reliable connections. You want free app-to-app calls. You’d even like free calls to mobiles and landlines.

While many of the best apps for international calls offer a range of features, Yolla has set itself apart from the rest by guaranteeing all of the above. 

Here’s what people love about Yolla:


  • Free app-to-app calls: all calls from Yolla to Yolla are free
  • Calls to landlines and mobiles
  • Low rates
  • Keep your number for free: your original phone number will appear on the recipient’s caller ID (your friends will know it’s you calling)
  • Available worldwide
  • Customer web support (FAQ, Forum)
  • 24/7 live chat/ support: it’s simple – if you have an issue, write us a message at any time, any day, in the app and our support team will respond within 2 minutes
  • Secondary number
  • International texting: at low rates
  • Earn free calling credits: check out Yolla’s programs to earn free calling credit
  • International Mobile Top-Up: Top up mobile accounts from hundreds of carriers in 160+ countries around the world from in the app
  • VPN: if you have Yolla, you also have a secure, reliable and affordable VPN. Turn it on in the settings. 
  • HD quality connection: calls never lag or drop
  • Contact synch: Yolla can synchronize with your phone’s contact list, making it easy to call anyone from directly in the app just like you would normally


  • No app-to-app text messages
  • Works best with a stable and consistent internet connection

For many users, what sets Yolla apart from other international calling apps is that it’s one of the best apps for international calls to landlines and mobiles. 

You can call any phone, any time, with HD connections that never drop and enjoy a range of extra useful features. 

It’s an all-in-one package for wifi calling and more. Download it today via the button below:

2. WhatsApp – One of the best apps for international calls app-to-app

App Store: 4.7

Google Play: 4.3

What messenger app is best for international calls? If we’re talking about messenger apps, WhatsApp is a favorite.

It’s free to download and offers free app-to-app calls, video calls, messaging, group chats, and much more between anyone who has the app installed on their device. 

However, you can’t use WhatsApp to make international calls to mobiles or landlines.  


  • Free audio and video calls
  • Security (encryption) 
  • Ad-free
  • Multi-platform (laptop/desktop and mobile app)
  • Easy group chat
  • Easy to delete messages from chats
  • Message delivery status
  • Send various file types
  • GIFs are supported
  • Live location sharing
  • Stories and broadcast lists
  • Siri integrated
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy backup and restore


  • Can’t call mobiles and landlines
  • Phone number needed to add contacts
  • Needs internet-connection 
  • Always signed in
  • Can store a lot of data on your device
  • File size limitations

WhatsApp is one of the best apps for international calls if we’re talking about app-to-app calling. But if you need to call a landline or a phone without WhatsApp installed, you’ll be better served by another international calling app.

Note: throughout this article, I refer to free app-to-app calling. This means the app won’t charge you for these calls. You may still be charged for your internet usage (mobile carrier data charges or other related costs).

3. Viber – One of the best apps for international calls with limited calling to mobiles and landlines

App Store: 4.6

Google Play: 4.5

Viber, like WhatsApp, offers a wide range of features for app-to-app calls and messaging. It doesn’t matter where you’re located around the world – all calls and messages app-to-app are free.

Unlike WhatsApp, Viber has the Viber Out feature for international calls to mobiles and landlines. It’s a convenient app for group chats (up to 100 people), colorful messaging (with free and paid sticker packs) and it gives you the option to call internationally. However, its drawback is the limited number (60) of countries you can call.


  • Free app-to-app calling and messaging
  • International calls to mobiles and landlines
  • International money transfer
  • Customer web support
  • Keep your number
  • Uses a voice engine that works great on poor internet connections


  • Limited number of countries you can call 
  • Not the lowest rates for international calling apps
  • No live 24/7 support

While Viber is one of the best apps for international calls, the country limitation makes it suitable for only a specific set of users. If you need to call a country that’s not on the list, another app will best serve you.  

4. Telegram – One of the best VoIP apps for international calls for security and features

App Store: 4.2

Google Play: 4.4

I decided to include Telegram on this list of the best international calling apps because it’s a useful, feature-rich app-to-app calling and messaging platform. Like the above apps, you can send messages and call internationally with other Telegram users for free.

The number of features Telegram offers is hard to keep track of. It includes in-app translation, in-channel swipe to switch channels, animated stickers, a second number, in-app bots, live location sharing and much more. 

It’s hard to beat if we’re talking about the best VoIP app for international calls and texts. Unfortunately, you can’t call mobiles or landlines with it.


  • Edit photos and videos before sending
  • Terminate active sessions
  • Auto-download and auto-play media
  • Saved drafts
  • High-quality stickers
  • Cloud storage
  • And much more


  • No international calls to mobiles and landlines
  • Limited support

Telegram is an exciting app for international calls, group calls and more between Telegram users. But it simply doesn’t allow you to make international VoIP calls to mobiles or landlines.

5. Google Voice – A range of useful features but limited access

App Store: 4.3

Google Play: 4.4

Google voice is one of the best apps for international calling. It can perform a range of unique features, like routing calls to the device of your choice – mobile or landline. It can also screen, block and apply different rules to different numbers. 

Its unique features paired with the ability to make international calls to mobiles and landlines make it a nice option for many people.


  • International calls to mobiles or landlines
  • Conference calls
  • Choose to receive calls to your home, work or mobile phone
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Easy account setup
  • User-friendly interface


  • Only available for people with US phone numbers
  • Personal number can only be connected via porting

While Google Voice may be one of the best apps for international calls, it has limitations. For example, it’s only available to people with a phone number from a US carrier – and it must be set up from within the USA. 

Once set up, you can use your Google Voice service while abroad.

If you live outside of the US, then you’ll need a different app for international calls. 

6. FaceTime – One of the best apps for international calls (and texts) between iOS users 

App Store: 4.3

Google Play: only available on Apple devices

FaceTime is simple and reliable and anyone with an iPhone can take advantage of it. This makes it one of the best iPhone apps for international calls. And if you have FaceTime, then you have iMessage, for free app-to-app international texts.

If you have an iPhone and you need to call someone who has an iPhone (and you also have an internet connection), look no further.


  • Free international calls between anyone with an iPhone
  • Wide reach: many people have iPhones these days
  • Reliability: if you have a stable internet connection, FaceTime is usually reliable
  • Video or audio calls
  • Especially high-quality video calls
  • No phone number needed: calls are between users’ Apple IDs, so as long as you have the email address connected to the Apple ID of the person you want to reach, you can (most of the time) call them without any problems
  • Multiple devices: People can receive calls to any Apple device that’s connected to their Apple ID


  • Only available between people with Apple devices
  • Can’t call landlines
  • Fewer features than other international call apps
  • Internet required: the person you’re calling must be connected to the internet 

The main reason many people don’t consider FaceTime the best app for international calls is because you can only call people with iPhones. If you’re looking for the best international calling app for Android, FaceTime won’t be an option for you. You also can’t call landlines with FaceTime.

7. BOSS Revolution – One of the best apps for international calls (though not the lowest rates)

App Store: 4.6

Google Play: 4.5

Boss Revolution is a useful mobile app for international calls and texts. There’s not much more to say about it. Without any big surprises, it gets the job done. It utilizes VoIP technology to let you make calls and send texts internationally.

The only catch is that its rates aren’t the lowest available. 


  • Convenient international calling
  • Monthly calling plans: Pay one flat rate for 30 days of service
  • Free app-to-app calls: call other BOSS Revolution users for free
  • Free app-to-app texts
  • Occasional promotions: for extra calling credit


  • Not the lowest rates available

BOSS Revolution is a reliable app for international calls. It has a range of standard features of a wifi calling app that make it convenient for most people. 

However, if you’re looking for an app to make international calls specifically, you’ll be better off in the long run with one that offers the lowest rates. 

8. Vonage – Great solution for your home phone (not ideal for mobile phones)

App Store: 4.7 (mobile app only)

Google Play: 3.9 (mobile app only)

If you’re looking for a way to take advantage of VoIP connectivity via your landline, then Vonage is for you. 

Vonage is an interesting solution for connecting your home phone to VoIP technology. It allows you to answer calls to your home phone via your mobile phone while you’re out of the house. 

It offers low-cost domestic and international calling rates as well as some useful features like Visual Voicemail (voicemail transcriptions sent to your email) and Boomerang (a slick way to disconnect incoming international calls and reconnect you via your Vonage line).

However, their service isn’t available for mobile phones without a home phone plan. So it’s not an independent app for international calls, per se. It’s definitely not the best app for international calls on mobile phones. So it may not suit some of you.


  • Equip your home phone with VoIP connectivity
  • Receive and make international calls via the mobile app
  • Unique features (Visual Voicemail, Boomerang)
  • Virtual numbers (for 22 countries, so friends and family abroad can call you without paying international rates


  • Home phone required (Not a mobile-only service)
  • Limited countries you can call
  • Calls are made from your home phone (not your mobile phone number)

9. Voxofon – A useful app for international calls and texts 

App Store: 4.4

Google Play: 4.3

We haven’t personally used this app and we noticed that it’s received some questionable reviews. If you try it out or you have experience with it, let us know what you think. For now, we can tell you that it seems like a useful option for calling and texting anyone around the world. 

Their site shows that with their app, you can send and receive international calls and texts all around the world. Their rates for international SMS to some destinations are as low as 0.9¢ per message. This quickly makes it one of the best apps for international calls and texts. 

However, their call rates are not the lowest out there. So if you’re concerned about cost, Voxofon may not suit you. The app also had technical difficulties verifying my phone number when I tried it, so I can’t say if it’s possible to get a second number with Voxofon or not.  


  • Call and text to many countries
  • Low international SMS rates for some countries


  • Not the lowest calling rates
  • Technical errors

10. Nobel App – A smartphone and non-smartphone app to call international

App Store: 4.4

Google Play: 3.2

Nobel App offers various payment and minute-package options. Several minute packages are offered at different price points, but the main idea is that minutes with shorter lifespans (closer expiration dates) are offered at lower rates. Having an expiration date on your minutes limits your calling flexibility. 

However, Nobel extends the functionality of VoIP technology to non-smartphone users with their access number functionality (these work like traditional calling cards), which could be of interest to you if you aren’t using a smartphone. 


  • Range of payment and package options
  • Available for non-smartphones
  • Mobile top-up service
  • International text messages
  • 24/7 in-app support
  • Access numbers: use their service from any phone (useful for non-smartphone owners or people without mobile phones) 


  • Minutes expire
  • 4-minute rounding: on their lowest-rate plan

Some of Nobel’s features are attractive. Especially 24/7 in-app support. Being able to get help when you need it from within the app is incredibly convenient. 

However, is it really the best app for cheap international calls? Your minutes expire and you’ll lose credit faster with 4-minute rounding

This means the charge for the call length is rounded up in increments of 4 minutes. A one-minute call is charged like a four-minute call. Once you hit the five-minute mark, you’re charged for 8 minutes of talking time, even if you only talk for 6 minutes. And so on. 

You can avoid this by choosing a plan with higher per-minute rates. If cost is an issue, then you may be better off with a different app. 

That rounds out our list of the 10 best apps for international calls. Before I go, here are a few answers to some of the most often asked questions about international calling apps. You may be asking yourself some of these same questions. We hope this helps.   

What is the Best App for Free International Calls?

Almost all of the apps mentioned in this list offer free international calls. Some offer more opportunities than others. Choosing which one is best for you depends on your needs. 

Do most of your friends have WhatsApp? Then WhatsApp will suit your needs. Do you need to call mobiles and landlines as well? Then there are plenty of opportunities to make free international calls with Yolla.

What is the Best App for Free International Calls to the US?

Regardless of what you’re considering, there’s one thing that’s for sure – calling cards are expensive and unnecessary. As long as you choose the right app from this list, you’ll be able to call the US for free. 

Do the people you want to call in the US have iPhones? If so, FaceTime may be enough. Do they use Viber? WhatsApp? Then one of these might suit you better. If you need to call a mobile phone without the app installed, or to a landline or a business in the US, then you’ll need to choose another one.   

What is the Best iPhone app for Free and Cheap International Calls?

If you and the people you contact all have an iPhone, the best app for free and cheap international calls is already on your phone – FaceTime. But, if you need to call anyone else, a mobile or a landline, an app like Yolla will serve you best.

Final Verdict

What is the cheapest way to call internationally? Definitely a WiFi calling app. So, what’s the best one? 

There’s a wide range of apps to make international calls these days. Some even connect with your landline service, bringing the benefits of an international calling app to your home phone. 

Without a doubt, one of the ones on this list (or this list) will suit your needs.

Wifi calling is about convenience, reliability and affordability. While many of the best apps for international calls are useful, it’s best to have one app that packs all of the convenient features into one. 

Yolla includes all of the needed features plus more, making for a simple, reliable, convenient and high-quality experience that won’t break your bank. What more could you need? Download Yolla for free today at the link below.

In any case, we hope you now have a better idea of which app you need.

Enjoy the world of WiFi calling!

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