6 Health Reasons to Regularly Call Your Mom

6 Health Reasons to Regularly Call Your Mom

You’ve had a rough day. Your luggage didn’t arrive with your plane, your hotel lost your reservation, you haven’t slept for 24 hours, you spilled your coffee on your lap and you accidentally offended someone on the bus but you couldn’t understand what they were shouting at you. Sometimes you just need to call your mom.  And other times, you don't need to find a reason to call your mom. It's just an intuitive thing - you know you need to do it. There’s something uniquely beneficial about hearing your mother's voice, even on your good days.  Besides, how many times have you heard her say, ‘it’s so nice to hear your voice’? If it was up to her, you’d talk every day.  Well, according to research, it turns out that it’s you who may benefit from hearing her voice. Especially if you’re sitting in a hotel lobby in a foreign country without your luggage and too tired to think about what’s next.   Here are 6 reasons you should call your mom every day (yep, every day), regardless of where you are in the world. Spoiler: calling your mom can boost your health.

6 Reasons to Call Your Mom Every Day

1. To Lower Stress

It's not an accident that this is the first reason to call your mom on our list. Unfortunately, many of us deal with stress on a day to day basis and many of us are on a regular search to find effective ways to manage it. Here's a crucial reason to call your mom: to lower your stress It’s been scientifically proven that talking with your mom can increase oxytocin levels (a trust, empathy and bonding hormone) and decrease cortisol levels (a stress hormone). This is something we need not only when we’re in a stressful and overwhelming situation, but in our everyday lives, in general.  In a study of 68 young girls, from the age of 7 to 12, each girl was placed in a stressful situation in which they consistently completed mathematical and verbal problems for 15 minutes before an audience.  Imagine counting down from 8,534 by 8s with a time limit while standing in front of a group of interviewers, knowing that if you made a mistake you’d have to start from the beginning!  Afterward, the girls who spoke with their moms by phone or in-person had higher oxytocin levels than the girls who just texted with their moms or waited alone. Furthermore, they had a better stress response and lower stress levels than the others. It turns out that sending an SMS just isn’t always enough. Instead, calling your mom or speaking with your mom and hearing her voice has a uniquely calming effect. So, next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, call your mom.

2. She tells it like it is

This is the second reason to call your mom on our list because it's also incredibly important. Here's our next crucial health-related reason to call your mom: to hear the truth. Simply put, in some cases, the best form of support we can get in a difficult situation is tough love. And sometimes there’s no better way to get that than by calling your mom. She is close to you. Your mom can tell you when enough is enough, and that it’s time to take action. Sometimes, this is exactly what we need to start finding our way out of a stressful, overwhelming situation. So, if you're in a bind, it's a reason to call your mom.

3. We all need help 

The third reason to call your mom on our list: we can't do it alone. The road to independence is a never-ending one. Even if you’re 35.  Mom is always there to help you find your way and to give you advice on situations you’re afraid to discuss with others.  Or, if you think there’s no way out of whatever tangle you find yourself in, it’s possible your mind’s playing tricks on you. This is a really important reason to call your mom. By calling your mom, she can give you a new perspective and help you find a way out of your seemingly impossible situation.  It helps to know our personal limitations and have trust in our loved ones. We can’t do these things alone.

4. She can give you an energy boost 

The fourth reason to call your mom on our list is more important than it may seem at first. Getting an energy boost can be the difference between resolving a problem and remaining stuck, even if you're not stressed. Regardless of how bad you feel, if you're feeling drained, getting an energy boost can give you a much-needed new perspective. That's why we included it on this list of reasons to call your mom. Stress drains us of our energy. You need to book a new hotel room, change into a fresh set of clothes and start making the necessary phone calls to figure out when and where it will arrive. The key is finding the energy to do it all.  Research has shown that speaking with a loved one can truly boost your energy. So, instead of buying a coffee next time, consider calling your mom for a pick-me-up. 

5. She can boost your self-esteem too

The fifth reason to call your mom is incredibly important for our psychological health and balance. Similar to our energy levels, our ability to feel energized each day and finish our daily tasks depends on how we feel about ourselves. This is especially important when we’re traveling or dealing with life's day-to-day tasks. Having low self-esteem can make even simple daily tasks feel completely overwhelming. So, guess what we suggest you do? That's right - call your mom! According to one study, your bond with your mother can impact how you see yourself and your degree of connectedness with your mom can boost your self-esteem. That's a wonderful reason to call your mom regularly.

6. She's an overall good influence 

The last reason to call your mom on our list is by no means the least. Our relationship with our mother is a big part of our lives and influences many key aspects of it. It turns out, your mom can simply be a positive influence on your life, in general. Despite disagreements, your relationship with your mom can have a subtle, but profound impact on your daily well-being and your ability to cope with life’s stresses - particularly when you’re far away from home and things aren’t going to plan.  A poll from Gallup revealed that 88% of adults in the study felt their mother had a positive influence on their lives. At the same time, 85% of moms in the study said they felt appreciated enough by their families. We see this as another reason to call your mom. Keep this up by calling your mom and reminding her of how important she is.

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How to Call Your Mom From Anywhere, Anytime

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