International Texting App for Any Country

Don’t have time to call and need to send an international text ASAP? Now you can with the Yolla international texting app.

Sending international texts with Yolla is a fast and cheap way to communicate with your friends and family when you are abroad. 

Texting with the Yolla international texting app costs only $0.15 per message.

Sending an international text through Yolla is as simple as sending a regular text.

But first, you need to install the app. Click the store buttons or scan the QR code with your camera to download the app and get a top-up bonus.

How to Text an International Number

Below are the instructions for texting international numbers with the Yolla international texting app:

  • Step 1 . Open Yolla and go to contacts

  • Step 2 . Open a contact you would like to send a message to & tap “SMS” button

  • Step 3 . Write a message and tap the “Send” icon

How Much Does International Texting Cost?

Sending texts internationally with the Yolla international texting app costs only $0.15.

Why use the Yolla international texting app?

  • It is cheaper than using your mobile carrier – the rate is only 15 cents!
  • Wide coverage – you can send international texts to 150+ countries;
  • Keep your number – the other person will know the SMS was sent by you;
  • No separate app needed – international texting is already integrated into Yolla.

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