Cheaper than India Calling Cards

Cheaper than India Calling Cards

Do you need to call India from abroad? As a result of India’s brilliant workforce, international mindset and bold spirit, many Indians are working, studying and traveling in different countries around the globe who often need to call home. Finding an affordable and reliable way to call India is extremely important for them. If you’re one of these people, then you probably want the cheapest India calling card from the USA or any other country in the world. Besides a WiFi calling app, an India calling card is your second method for calling home. But is it the cheapest and most convenient?

But with an India calling card, you have to enter PIN numbers, pay for 3-minute rounding, the recipient can’t see it’s you calling, your minutes expire and there’s loads of fine print that can be costly if ignored. 

Fortunately, there’s a better way to call India from the USA, Canada, Australia or any other country in the world. With Yolla, you can make high-quality calls to India at rates that won’t break your bank. This is everyone’s right.

Yolla removes the complexities and costs associated with even the best India calling cards. 

Yolla is the future of calling cards. Let’s dive into how it works and why it’s truly a worthwhile option.

What is the best calling card to India?

India is one of the fastest-growing nations of the twenty-first century; not just in terms of population but also technology, education, business, and opportunity. 

In 2021, the name of the game in the new decade is ‘globalization’. People are traveling to and from India at never-before-seen rates and Indian businesses are spanning the globe. 

With this growth comes a skyrocketing need for communication:

  • Do you have family in India? 
  • Do you need to make international calls to India for business? 
  • Are you traveling to India soon and need to call to make reservations or plans? 

Whatever the situation, many people are now in the complicated position of having to find a way to make cheap calls to India. 

For example, many Indians living in the US are often searching for the best India calling cards from the US so they can rest assured they will always be able to call home, as long as they make their calls before their calling card expires.

Since using your cell phone carrier to call internationally costs an arm and a leg, another popular option these days, besides international calling cards for India, is using a WiFi calling app.

But we sometimes need to call someone who doesn’t use apps or maybe doesn’t have an internet connection (grandma). Or we need to call a business’ landline (bank, mobile carrier). In these cases, a WiFi calling app doesn’t suffice. 

So, what can we do? 

Usually, you’d go searching for the best calling cards to India. Many people are on a constant hunt for a cheaper calling card to India. In general, they want to know, ‘Which calling card is best for India?’, or, ‘What is the best calling card to India?”.

They go to a local convenience or department store and search for cheap India calling cards.

But today, even the best India calling cards are a thing of the past, for very specific reasons. They are inconvenient and expensive. There’s a new way to call to India. And it’s an easier, cheapest and more reliable way to call India – the Yolla app

Let us show you why.  

The Typical India Calling Card

To understand why the Yolla app is so simple, let’s quickly remind ourselves how international calling cards work and what makes them so inconvenient.

An India calling card is – as the name suggests – a plastic card (imagine a slightly flimsier credit card). 

You can find all types of international calling cards for India at airport kiosks, gas stations, convenience stores, etc.

These cards contain a certain amount of “minutes” of call time and a destination the calling card works for (in our case – India). These factors determine the total cost of the card. Once you buy your India calling card, next comes the call…

  1. First, you must dial the number written on the card
  2. Next, when it connects, you must dial the card’s PIN and/or access code
  3. Lastly, you dial the number of the phone you’re calling

Keep in mind, the person you’re calling won’t see your cell phone number on their caller ID. 

Unfortunately, even the best India calling cards don’t preserve your phone number. Thus, if you are calling a bank, a credit card company, or some other organization (or just a relative who ignores calls from unfamiliar caller IDs), a calling card for India can be problematic.

Now, bear with us – with a US to India calling card, we can at least make calls halfway around the world, which is better than nothing. But let’s dive into the hugely important fine print. If it’s ignored, it can be costly. 

India Calling Cards – The fine print

If you have experience with international calling cards for India, then you likely know about the fine print. Let us remind you of some critical caveats everyone using India calling cards needs to be aware of.

1. Sketchy 3-Minute Round-up

Remember those “minutes” we mentioned? Well, those minutes often don’t equal actual minutes. 

Confusing, right? 

The trick here revolves around the fact that calling cards often round up minutes. Many calling cards round-up in three-minute intervals. 

Let’s say you use one of the best India calling cards to talk with a relative in India. A one-minute call will cost the same as a three-minute call. But a call that lasts 3.01 minutes, will cost double that of a three-minute call. Essentially, you’re not charged by the minute, you’re charged in three-minute increments.

Talked to a friend for seven minutes? The card might have just charged you for nine minutes. If you bought a 100-minute card, you often end up talking less than that before the card cuts you off.

2. Hidden Fees

On top of that, always check your India calling card for any other hidden fees in the fine print or elsewhere.

Some cards include exorbitant “surcharge fees” or “convenience fees” which they charge for any extra minutes. 

3. Charges Before Connecting

Many cards start counting minutes from the moment you dial a PIN rather than from the time you start speaking. They’re charging you for time spent navigating their system!

4. Unsupported Cards

Here is another twist. Not all cellular carriers support India calling cards. Thus, before going out and spending your hard-earned money on what promises to be the best calling card to India, make sure your carrier actually supports it. 

Otherwise, you’ll end up with a shiny but thoroughly useless piece of plastic.

5. Expired Minutes

Finally, always check if the fine print lists an expiration date. Many calling cards burn the minutes if:

  • The minutes aren’t used by a specific date
  • The account isn’t refilled soon enough
  • The card isn’t used a certain number of times a month or year

Always be on the lookout for this or lose your minutes.

That was a whole lot of information to get through. All that complexity just to make cheap calls to India?! We deserve to be able to talk to friends and family abroad without reading a legal textbook beforehand.

In the 21st century, with all the WiFi calling apps and other easy ways to instantly and cheaply connect with people anywhere in the world via our smart devices, you’d think that we’d have a fair, affordable and reliable way to call to India by now. 

Fortunately, we do. 

Thankfully, India calling cards are not the only game in town. Yolla is an app that throws all that complexity out the window and lets you achieve a simple goal: cheap calls to India (and elsewhere around the world) with simplicity and transparency.

Yolla – The future of India calling cards

Yolla breaks down these financial and physical borders that divide us.

Calling cards and their complexities are a thing of the past. The Yolla app allows you to call to India from the USA or anywhere else in the world at rates much lower than even the best India calling cards.

Here are some benefits of using Yolla:

  • There’s no expiration date
  • No sketchy three-minute rounding
  • You only get charged for time spent talking
  • Lowest international calling rates available

Yolla allows you to call cell phones and landlines in India or any other location in the world at extremely low rates and does away with all the inconvenient calling card rules and steps. 

With Yolla, you get:

  • HD voice quality
  • Preserved caller-ID for the recipient
  • No hidden fees
  • Your balance never expires
  • User-friendly interface
  • 24/7 support

Another bonus: Yolla synchronizes with the contacts on your phone and maintains your call history (two things even the best India calling cards cannot do). 

You can even earn FREE bonus credits through the referral program to make your calls to India completely free!

And, like other calling apps, if your friends and loved ones have Yolla installed on their phone, calls from Yolla to Yolla are always FREE.

Goodbye India Calling Cards – Hello Yolla

Millions of people around the world have family, friends, and business contacts in India and are always looking for the cheapest way to call to India. 

Calling cards are popular, but the fine print and many billing caveats make calling to India more complicated and expensive than it needs to be.

These days, we have the technology to break down barriers and make our lives easier, more convenient and more affordable. This is everyone’s right. 

It’s finally time to do away with the untrustworthy, overcomplicated, and poor value of international calling cards and try Yolla. Let this year be the year of affordable, reliable international calling.

Download the Yolla app today for iOS or Android.

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