Best Way to Call Landlines Internationally

Ever wondered how to make landline international calls from your smartphone? We break down your options and help you find the best international calling plans for landlines.

The new decade is almost upon us and smartphones have now become a standard part of daily life for most of the world. Hurrah for progress! Yet, let us not bury the good old landline telephone just yet. Ever since Alexander Graham Bell made the world’s first telephone call in 1876, landlines have been an integral part of society.

Do you have elderly parents? They might still prefer landlines. Need to call a company (bank, restaurant, hotel, airline, or even embassy)? You’ll be calling their landline. Calling for help (police, fire department)? Its a landline! Normally that poses little problem for cell phone users. Mobiles easily interface with landlines with few hiccups except for one major exception: international calls.

Whether you’re an immigrant who would like to call your elderly parents at home, or a tourist needing to call a foreign business or your bank back home, you can’t escape the frustration of the landline international call. Let us explore the options to find the best way to call landlines internationally…


Your regular carrier

This is the true old-school approach to international calls to landlines; quite reliable but absurdly expensive and complicated with its requirements of dialing exit codes. The overwhelming majority of cellular plans include extensive fine text about the dramatic upcharge you incur the moment you make a call a landline abroad. If that call takes longer than expected or you get put on hold, that’s a massive bill at the end of the month.

International calling cards

These are the classic cards seen in gas stations and convenience stores worldwide (right between the cigarettes and the energy bars). They’re popular for good reason: they’re cheaper than your carrier. That said, they are still fairly expensive and the pricing is not transparent at all (hidden surcharges, rounded minutes, etc – it adds up quick). Then comes the headache of using it: dialing a number, entering a pin, dialing another number…

Popular calling apps

Who doesn’t have WhatsApp, Skype, or Viber these days? They’re fantastic apps for many things but free international calls to landlines isn’t one of them. WhatsApp does not support calls to mobiles or landlines anyways (only app-to-app calls). Viber and Skype can call landlines but do not preserve your original number which is crucial (many companies identify clients by their caller IDs).


Looking for affordability, simplicity, and transparency? Yolla is your answer. With excellent rates for calls abroad, landline international calls are super cheap. On top of that, you don’t have to dial complicated exit codes, you get HD voice quality, and Yolla preserves your number (huge plus for calling banks and others that identify you by caller ID)! The user-friendly interface synchronizes with the contacts on your phone, maintains your call history, and offers 24/7 support if you ever need help with calling abroad. Your balance never expires, there are never any extra hidden fees, and you can even earn free credits with Yolla’s referral program!


As we enter into 2020, we may be in the decade of electric cars but we are definitely not in the decade of an all-mobile telephone world. Landlines are still prevalent, as is the need to make landline international calls. If you’re sick of the absurd rates of your carrier, the clunkiness of calling cards, and the restrictions of popular calling apps, Yolla is your best app to call international landlines. Let us help you make 2020 a year of global connections!