Benefits of WiFi Calling – WiFi vs your carrier, which is better? 

Benefits of WiFi Calling – WiFi vs your carrier, which is better? 

What are the benefits of WiFi calling? Firstly, this technology offers low-cost calls to any country in the world. In some cases, the calls are even free, which often makes WiFi calling a better option than a cellular plan. In this text, we’re going to outline the benefits of WiFi calling, so you can decide for yourself if it’s time to start thinking differently about how you make calls. And most importantly, that you’re not overpaying.

We’re going to answer some common questions:

  • What is WiFi calling?
  • How does WiFi calling work? 
  • Why use WiFi calling?
  • What are the benefits of WiFi calling?
  • Is WiFi calling cheaper than my cellular provider?

And more.

What is WiFi Calling?

Have you heard of WiFi calling, but still not sure exactly what it is? Here is a definition of wifi calling:

WiFi calling is the connection of calls, texts and video calls over wireless internet instead of a cellular network. 

While there’s a whole lot of technicality to it behind the scenes, for you it’s as simple as picking up your phone and dialing a number as you normally would. Instead of your call connecting via a cellular network, it connects via a wireless internet connection.

The quality is the same. This is one of the benefits of WiFi calling. 

If you’re interested in a detailed take on what WiFi calling is, have a look at our other article. In it, we explain what WiFi calling is in detail and provide a list of WiFi calling benefits and advantages. This text is going to focus on which is more cost-efficient – WiFi calling or your cellular provider.

Now, how does WiFi calling work?

How Does WiFi Calling Work?

The main difference between WiFi calling and cellular calling is that you will often use a VoIP service provider to make WiFi calls.

If you’re making calls from your mobile, this just means that you’ll download a free WiFi calling app (which synchronizes with your contacts list and preserves your number) and make calls from within that app. 

The user interface is extremely simple and user-friendly. From the app, you can choose contacts or dial numbers just like you would with your phone’s default calling feature. 

What about security?

Benefits of WiFi Calling Security

You may be wondering if WiFi calling is safe and secure.

A unique WiFi calling benefit is that it’s secure. The internet offers means of protection that aren’t available on cellular networks. When you make a WiFi call, your carrier can conceal your voice by converting it into encrypted code.

Call encryption makes WiFi calling perfectly secure for business and personal use. 

So, why use a WiFi calling app? What are the real benefits of WiFi calling?

What Are the Benefits of Wifi Calling?

One of the main benefits of WiFi calling is the free and low-cost calls. 

FREE and Low-Cost Calls – Benefits of WiFi calling

When you use a WiFi calling app like Yolla, any call you make to another phone with the same app installed is free, no matter where you are in the world (except for data charges). You’re simply using data from your monthly data allowance. 

And when it’s time to call a landline or mobile (without the app installed), you can even call for less than a penny per minute.

It’s perfect for travelers and business trips abroad. You won’t pay enormous roaming or international calling fees on cross-border calls.

For perspective, people around the world make millions of WiFi calls on popular VoIP apps each day.

The best part is that by the end of 2022, there will be about 549 million wireless network hotspots all around the world supporting WiFi calls. 

So, how much cheaper is it to use a WiFi calling app instead of my cellular provider?

Price Comparison – Mobile operators vs calling apps – Don’t overpay!

To understand the benefits of WiFi calling, we need to first get an idea of how much the average cellular plan from a provider costs. 

Here are the average monthly rates for voice and data plans from major cellular providers in the USA and Europe. 


1-line mobile unlimited talk, text and data.

Essentials Magenta® Magenta® MAX
$60 /mo. + taxes & fees $70 /mo. $85 /mo.


1-line mobile unlimited talk, text and data.

5G Start 5G Play More 5G Get More
$70 /mo. + taxes & fees $80 /mo. + taxes & fees $90 /mo. + taxes & fees


1-line mobile unlimited talk, text and data.

$85 /mo. $75 /mo. $65 /mo.


1-line mobile unlimited talk, text and data for Spain.

Go Up Go Top
€39.95 /mo. ($43.88 /mo.) €45 /mo. ($49.43 /mo.)


1-line mobile unlimited talk, text and data for the UK.

Unlimited Lite Unlimited Unlimited Max
£23 /mo. ($30.11 /mo.) £27 /mo. ($35.34 /mo.) £32 /mo. ($41.89 /mo.)


1-line mobile unlimited talk, text and data for the UK.

Unlimited (12 months Airtime Plan) Unlimited (30 days Airtime Plan)
£33 /mo. ($43.17 /mo) £36 /mo. ($47.10 /mo.)

The above data provides a rough estimation. Simplified monthly plans will cost less, while feature-rich plans will cost more. 

On average, you’ll pay $60 – $90 per month in the US and about €25 – €50 per month in Europe for unlimited talk, text and data plans from cellular providers. 

So how much will it cost you to use a VoIP system? Are the benefits of WiFi calling worth it?

Average VoIP Service Costs $20-$30 /mo. – Benefits of WiFi calling

It’s tough to say for sure how much a VoIP service will cost, since it depends on which features you’ll need. The good news is that VoIP calling services are generally cheaper than cellular plans. This is a key benefit of WiFi calling. 

Considering the average price ranges for several cloud-based phone services, we estimate the average monthly cost of a VoIP service at $20-$30 per user.

Nielsen Company reported that the average American uses less than 1000 minutes per month on calls. 

If we’re talking about just phone calls, not data or other entertainment features, with a VoIP service like Yolla, 1000 minutes of calling to the USA costs $8.

The price per minute for calls to the USA from any country in the world with Yolla is $0.008 /min. So, even if you spend 2000 minutes calling the USA each month with Yolla, it will cost only $16.

Here is a list of Yolla’s rates for other countries.

At this point, you may have several other questions, like what happens to your number when you call with a WiFi calling app. 

Some WiFi calling apps integrate with your number so the person you’re calling sees your number on their caller ID. But the benefits go further.

Other Benefits of WiFi Calling

Here is a list of features included with WiFi calling.

  • Keep your number: The recipient sees your number on their caller ID
  • International texting at low rates
  • Reliable, secure, HD quality calls with no lag or interference
  • Easy-to-use interface that never confuses you
  • Chance to earn FREE credits for free calls
  • 24/7 customer/technical support
  • Free, unlimited calling app-to-app

Even if you’re not interested in ditching your cellular provider yet, a WiFi calling app is useful when you need to call abroad or when you’re traveling and don’t want to pay roaming fees. 

And here’s some more good news. 

Cost Savings for Businesses – Benefits of WiFi calling

Business calling has also become more cost-effective with WiFi calling technology. 

  • A business’s average VoIP savings are around 30% to 50%
  • VoIP costs will fall as much as 5% annually
  • VoIP saves businesses about 32 call minutes each day

One study found that when businesses with about 30 phones adopted a VoIP service, they saved about $1,200 monthly.

WiFi calling benefits both businesses and consumers. What do you think, are you ready to try it?

Try WiFi Calling Today

Everyday consumers looking to reduce their monthly phone bill can start using a WiFi calling app today. 

At the same time, a team of employees equipped with a WiFi calling app can easily stay connected via low-cost calls and texts from any country in the world. 

It’s just a matter of downloading an app.  

Whether you are a business or a consumer, it may be time to reconsider how you’re making calls and try a VoIP service.

To try it out today, download the free Yolla app (iOS, Android), top-up your account, and check out the benefits of WiFi calling.

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