Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Yolla and why should I use it?

    Yolla is an application that lets you make free HD-quality calls to other Yolla users and premium-quality calls to any phone (mobile or landline) all over the world. All at low rates! Yolla uses your cell phone’s internet connection, be it WiFi, 3G, 4G/LTE instead of your phone’s voice network.

    Your friends and family always get calls from your personal phone number. They know it’s you and can even call you back!

  • Which calls are free?

    All Yolla to Yolla calls are completely free. Moreover, it is really easy to earn free credits to call to landlines and mobiles by inviting friends.

    *Please note that data charges may be applied by your service provider if you are using a cellular internet connection.

  • I didn't get a message with the verification code

    1. Please ensure you enter your phone number in international format with the country code.
      Example: +965 123 45 678
      You don’t need to type “+” – it is added automatically. No 00 or 0 after the country code unless it is the part of your number. If it doesn’t help, please send us your phone number and we will try to help!
    2. If the validation message doesn’t come, please wait for a validation call, or try again.
    3. Some VoIP services may be blocked by Internet providers. To make sure Yolla is not blocked, just try to open in your mobile web browser. If you can’t open it, try using some other Internet connection.
  • How can I get free credits?

    Invite friends to Yolla to earn free credits after your friend tops up their balance (deposits of $4 or greater).

    Open Get Free Credits (side menu of the Yolla app on Android or Gift button on iOS) to invite your friends, see the current reward campaign rules, and the amount of bonuses you can receive.

    In order to get your bonus you need to make sure that your friends use the referral link that you have shared with them to download Yolla on their smartphone.

    IMPORTANT: Please ask your friends NOT to switch their internet connection type (3G/WiFi) after clicking on the referral link.
    If your friend clicks the referral link while on a 3G network and then switches to WiFi to download the app, (or if there is a significant time between clicking the link and signing up) Yolla may not be able to track your referral due to technical restrictions. Once your friend has downloaded the app and signed up, they may switch their internet connection whenever they like.

  • I invited a friend but did not get a bonus

    Please note that there are certain technical limitations to our referral program:

    • We can credit bonuses to your account only when your friend clicks on your referral link from their mobile device, installs the app, and signs up right after the installation.
    • Your friend must be a first-time Yolla user.
    • If your friend doesn’t click your referral link and download the app directly from the store, we won’t be able to credit you a bonus.
    • If your friend clicks on several different referral links, we can only credit a bonus to the owner of the most recently clicked link.
    • Your friend should not switch their internet connection type (e.g. 3G to Wi-Fi) during the registration process.
    • If the code didn’t automatically apply on the payment screen, just enter it manually in the “Promotions“ section of the menu before recharging your balance
  • Does Yolla charge any extra fees?

    There is a fixed per-minute rate that you see before making your call to cellular and landline phones. There are no hidden charges or connection fees in Yolla.

    *Please note that data charges may be applied by your service provider if you are using cellular internet connection.

  • Will Yolla run on my device?

    Yolla is available for:

    • iPhone® 4s and higher (OS 9.0 and higher);
    • iPad® (OS 9.0 and higher);
    • Android™ phones (OS 5.0 and higher);
    • Android™ tablets (OS 5.0 and higher).
  • If I change my device, will my credit transfer to the new device?

    You will need to sign in with the old phone number to use your old account on the other device.
    Thus, you will need to put the old SIM in the new device or have the old phone with the old SIM nearby to verify your account on the new device.

    Please note that the allowed amount of devices for your single Yolla account is limited. Please contact Yolla support for more information if you believe you have reached the limit.

  • I'm experiencing an echo issue, what should I do?

    Echoes are caused by feedback between the phone’s speaker and microphone. If your contacts say they hear an echo while talking (they hear their own words), the problem is likely on your end.

    On Android, we recommend reducing the microphone and speaker volume on your device. To do so, when the call is in progress:

    • tap the gear icon to open the microphone gain slider, and then set it to minimum;
    • reduce the speaker volume with the volume buttons.

    If you are experiencing an echo issue on iOS, please contact Yolla support.

  • How do I report a bug or quality issue?

    Please open the side menu on Android or Settings tab on iOS, choose Help and Support > Contact Support, and describe the issue that you are experiencing.

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