Why Using Long-Distance Calling Cards Is a No-Go

Why Using Long-Distance Calling Cards Is a No-Go

Let us start this post with a little confession: as creators of the Yolla calling app, we are a bit obsessed by long distance calling topic. While normally people meet their friends returning from a trip abroad with words: “Hey, how it was? Let’s see your pics!”, our first question is always: “How did you call home from your destination”. And what do we hear? 9 of 10 people use long distance calling cards. Yeah, that old-fashioned, expensive, clumsy peaces of paper. Disaster! If you too is a member of calling cards holders club, read this post as soon as possible, and find out why you should stop using it.

1. The Process of Calling is Complicated

So, how do the long-distance calling cards work? When you use it to make a call, you firstly deal the toll-free access number, then – your PIN number, and only as a third step you type the number you are calling too. Come on, why do so much job when you can install Skype or Yolla, and forget about typing in billions extra-numbers?

2. You Don’t Know How Much You Will Pay

Calling card users frequently complain about hidden charges and inaccurate rate listings of card providers. Card balance can be easily eaten away by connection fee, or long-call charge, or other tricks. Not to mention rounding up your call length to charge you for more minutes than you spoke… Here, in Yolla, we don’t think it’s right approach to business, that’s why we provide you an accurate price before you make a call.

3. Your Money Can Be Stolen Once

Most of long-distance calling cards expires if you don’t top-up them for some period of time. It doesn’t matter if you have money on your balance – your card once will turn to useless piece of plastic, and your unused credits will go away to the calling card company.

4. It’s not Eco-Friendly

Your calling card is a product of plastic and paper industry that badly affect our environment. Why don’t you stop buying it to make air a bit more clean?

So, now, when you see all the downsides of plastic cards, you probably think on the more convenient alternative. Let us suggest you Yolla – mobile app for iOS and Android designed specially for international calls. With Yolla you can call from any country to anywhere, both to landline or mobile phones. There are no hidden charges and fees: you pay exactly as it shown in the rates section of the app. Get Yolla now, and start talking more for less!

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