How to Call Uzbekistan From the United States

How to Call Uzbekistan From the United States

Are you an Uzbek living in the States? Have you got friends or family back in Uzbekistan?  Here are your easy instructions on how to call Uzbekistan from the USA. At the end, we also give you a tip on how to make your calls to Uzbekistan simple, convenient and reliable. 

How to Call Uzbekistan From the USA 

To call friends, family or businesses in Uzbekistan from the USA, you simply need to follow an international dialing sequence, just like you would with any other international call. 

Here’s how to make calls to Uzbekistan landlines from the USA:

011 – 998 – Area Code – Landline Telephone Number

Here’s how to make calls to Uzbekistan mobiles from the USA:

011 – 998 – Area Code – Mobile Number

That’s it!

Follow this dialing format above to call Uzbekistan from the United States. Here’s a breakdown of these numbers and what each one represents.

Dialing Format for Calling Uzbekistan from the USA

  • 011: Dial-out (or ‘exit’) code. This number is needed to dial internationally to any country from  inside the USA
  • 998: This is the Uzbekistan country code (or ISD Code). This code is needed to call any number in Uzbekistan – mobile or landline. 
  • Area code: This is the regional area code within Uzbekistan that the number you’re calling belongs to. There are 21 area codes in Uzbekistan. Dial the Uzbekistan area code after the Uzbekistan country code.
  • Telephone number (Landline or Mobile): The individual number of the mobile or landline you’re calling. 

How to Call Uzbekistan from the USA to a Mobile (or landline)

Step 1: Enter the USA Exit Code


Step 2: Enter the 998 country code

011 998

Step 3: Enter the Uzbekistan Area Code of the number you want to reach (ex. Djizak – 72)

011 998 72

Step 4: Enter the local mobile number (7 digits)

011 998 72 1234567

Step 5: Press call

Listen for the ring tone!

Note: If the mobile number you’re calling has a 2-digit number in parentheses at the beginning, this is most likely the area code.

Follow the same steps when calling landlines in Uzbekistan.

How to Call Tashkent, Uzbekistan From the US

To call Tashkent, Uzbekistan from the USA, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Enter the USA Exit Code


Step 2: Enter the 998 country code 

011 998

Step 3: Enter the Tashkent area code 71

011 998 71

Step 4: Enter the 7-digit local number

011 998 71 1234567

To call any other city in Uzbekistan, follow the same instructions, replacing the area code and local number accordingly. 

Also, keep in mind the time difference when calling Uzbekistan from the USA. This will affect when you schedule your calls. 

When to Call Uzbekistan From the United States – Different time zones

There is one time zone in Uzbekistan year-round. This country doesn’t switch to daylight savings time anymore. The last time they switched was on September 29, 1991

During standard time in the USA, there is a 9 – 12 hour time difference, depending on which USA time zone you’re located in. During daylight savings time in the USA, it’s a 10 – 13 hour time difference.

If you’re calling Uzbekistan from the USA, it’s usually best to schedule calls in the morning or late evening. Here’s a reference to help you decide.

Time difference between Uzbekistan and the United States by US time zone:

Standard Time:

Pacific Standard Time (PST): 12 hours

Mountain Standard Time (MST): 11 hours

Central Standard Time (CST):  10 hours

Eastern Standard Time (EST): 9 hours

Daylight Savings Time:

Pacific Standard Time (PST): 13 hours

Mountain Standard Time (MST): 12 hours

Central Standard Time (CST):  11 hours

Eastern Standard Time (EST): 10 hours

To figure out the current time in Uzbekistan, find your time zone in the list above according to the season and add the number of hours to the current time. 

Are you using a calling card or your carrier’s long-distance plan to call Uzbekistan? If so, here’s a tip that can help make your calls to Uzbekistan more comfortable and reliable. 

How to Call Uzbekistan from the USA With an International Calling App Like Yolla

Today, international calling apps make international calls much cheaper than calling cards and long-distance fees from a carrier

International calling apps like Yolla offer much lower rates and are flexible. The minutes never expire, they require no access codes or pin codes and the connection is guaranteed HD quality. 

Here’s how to call Uzbekistan from the USA with an international calling app: 

1. Download the Yolla app from the App Store or Google Play (via the button below). 

2. Register your phone number in the app or set up an account and pay online

3. Buy credit with your credit or debit card

4. Sync your contact list with the app 

5. Choose one of your contacts from the in-app contact list 

-Or open the Yolla dial pad and dial the Uzbekistan number using the above instructions

6. Tap ‘call’

Wait for the ring tone!

The cost of your call to Uzbekistan from the USA per minute is shown before you place the call, ensuring you’ll always know how much you’ll pay per minute before you call.

So, how much does it cost?

Yolla’s Rates for Calling Uzbekistan 

Landline: $0.11 /min

Mobile: $0.105 /min

A 30-minute call to Uzbekistan from the USA with Yolla costs just $3.30.

Many callers enjoy using Yolla for many reasons, not just its low rates. For example, you can keep your local number so the person you’re calling knows it’s you and much more.

Benefits of Using Yolla to Call Uzbekistan From the USA

Yolla’s features:

  1. Low rates
  2. No hidden fees or surprise charges: You always know what you’ll pay for the call before you place it. You can always check your credit balance and top up when needed from right in the app
  3. Keep your number: Yolla shows your original phone number from your carrier on the recipient’s caller ID
  4. HD quality calls: calls never lag, drop or experience interference
  5. One rate, worldwide: rates remain the same no matter which country you call from. If you call Uzbekistan from any other country, the rate remains the same 
  6. In-app Mobile Top-up: You can add credit to the mobile account of hundreds of carriers in 190+ countries of the world, with Yolla’s in-app mobile top-up feature 
  7. Easy-to-use interface that never confuses you
  8. Low rate international texting
  9. 24/7 customer support: having an issue? Write support in the in-app customer service chat and get a response within 2 minutes

Calling with an app like Yolla is simple, straightforward and reliable. It offers a world of features to make for an enjoyable calling experience. It’s a great alternative if you want to call Uzbekistan from the USA.

Final Words

That’s all you need to know on how to call Uzbekistan from the USA

Beautiful Uzbekistan is one of only two countries in the world doubly landlocked, meaning it has at least two foreign borders to cross to get to the coastline. Today, it’s home to almost 33 million citizens, many of whom are traveling or working abroad in the USA. 

Whether you’re in the USA as a tourist, on business, or you live there permanently and have friends and family back in Uzbekistan, now you know how to call Uzbekistan from the USA.  

With Yolla, you can call anywhere from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. 

If you’re ready to try calling Uzbekistan with Yolla, Download the app today:

Whichever method you use, enjoy calling!

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