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How to Call Nigeria from the USA

For more than 300,000 Nigerians living in the US today, there are still lots of methods to use while making a call to Nigeria. From inconvenient calling cards to Facebook Messenger calling, one can choose anything that suits to keep in touch with friends and relatives from back there. The important thing is what kind of a phone do they have on the other end of the line. Even though it seems that everyone has a smartphone, this belief is far away from reality. There are still landlines and people who prefer traditional calling, no apps included.

So if you’re not calling a friend from your app contact list, check out our instructions on how to call Nigeria from the USA:

  1. First, find out what time is it there now. You don’t want to wake up someone, right? Generally, Nigeria time zone is UTC+01:00. If you don’t want to count, check it here.
  2. Second, bear in mind the country code. For Nigeria, it is +234. An easy one to remember!
  3. Then you need to dial the area code. It usually consists of 1-2 numbers.
  4. Finally, dial the telephone number (5-7 signs).

To conclude: on order to call Nigeria from the USA to a landline, you need to dial this kind of format: 011 + 234 + area code + telephone number.

011 is the US exit code which you dial whenever you make an international call from the US or Canada. Don’t forget to type it in, otherwise, your calling will take a little bit more time.

Yolla calling rates to Nigeria are pretty cheap. For a dollar, you can talk up to 12 minutes with your family, co-workers, colleagues or anyone else! On the Yolla website you can check the current Nigeria calling rates, learn how to call Nigeria with Yolla, and start calling in a blink! And you don’t need to wonder if the one you call to has that or this app installed. Just go to your contact list, choose whoever and call, either mobiles or landlines. You will see the rate before the call and will know how much it is going to cost. Your friends or family members will not only see your number but will get a usual incoming call and won’t notice you’re calling Nigeria from the app!