Call ordinary phone with international calling app

Best Android & iOS App for Free International Calls

Making international phone calls from your phone doesn’t have to be expensive.

Truth to be told, with an international calling app, sometimes it can even be free.

That’s because there are many free calling apps that allow you to make international calls at almost no cost. These aren’t traditional “phone calls” — you don’t really have to dial a difficult series of numbers or worry about making sure you have the right country code to reach the person you want to talk to. But the final result is the same: You use your mobile phone to speak to someone, and it doesn’t matter at all whether they are next door or on the other side of the world.

Why do international calls through apps cost less?

Many people say that Wi-Fi calls are the future. If you aren’t so familiar with the world of VOIP apps just yet and wish to know what is the best free calling app, skim through our list of the most popular international calling applications for both iPhones and Android phones.


Skype is among the oldest applications for free calls and probably is the most popular one. So we’ll make it the first on our list.

It works for iPhone, Android and also PC’s. Through Skype, you can easily chat via text messages, share photos, videos, but also make unlimited domestic and international free calls.

Skype features include (but not limited to)

  • Free Skype to Skype Voice and video calls
  • Low-cost calls to mobile and landlines worldwide
  • A collection of video clips from your favorite TV shows and films to send in a Skype chat


  • Skype changes your number in non-Skype calls – you won’t be recognized
  • International rates aren’t that cheap
  • If you buy credits and don’t use them, it disappears. But it can be restored through Skype Support


Viber is another free call application for most Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia and Bada devices. It allows the user to make phone calls, send multimedia, text and video messages, and also share their current location.

It is currently one of the most used free call applications on the market but the main question is, is it the best?

You can make your messages more pretty and catchy using the free and paid sticker packs and emoticons also can create group messages up to 100 participants.


  • Messages, free phone and video calls for Viber users
  • Paid ViberOut calls
  • Sharing photo, location, video and voice messages,
  • Stickers & emoticons
  • Group chats for up to 200 participants.
  • You can make up to 7000 character long text messages with Viber


  • The quality of the call isn’t always the best
  • If you don’t use ViberOut credits for a year, they disappear


It is a Swedish app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone which was launched back in 2006.

There is a feature called Rebel Call which doesn’t require the Internet and works by converting international calls to local calls so you can talk cheaper. However, it supports Wi-Fi and 4G calls too.


  • RebelCall without Wi-Fi or cellular network
  • Cheap international SMS
  • Offers subscriptions and plans


  • RebtelCall applies specifically to app-to-app calling and is only currently available in 52 countries
  • No live chat or phone support
  • No speed dialing functionality
  • Charges per minute – a problem if your call only lasts 30 seconds


Another app for international and local calls is Talkatone.


  • Free calls & texts via WiFi or cellular data.
  • It uses no cell minutes, but free outbound minutes are monthly.
  • Free U.S. phone number of your choice, so that you can make and receive free texts and calls to U.S. phone numbers, including landlines.


  • There’s a limited number of free minutes
  • Doesn’t support 911 emergency calling


Tango is another free calling application for Android that allows you to make voice and video calls with your friends and family.


  • Make free voice and video calls
  • Send free text messages
  • Share photos and videos
  • Create group chat with up to 50 participants
  • Play games


  • Lots of in-app advertisements, both native and in-chat
  • Calls are free only to US, Canada, Mexico and India
  • The call often connects only for the 2nd or 3rd time – a lot of missed calls


Unlike Skype, Tango or Viber, it is meant only for calls. The rates are pretty amazing. For budget-minded talkers, this is definitely worth a look.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about whether the other person is also connected to Wi-Fi. It’s a useful calling tool not only for travelers but also for expats or anyone who has international contacts they’d like to call to.


  • Free local and international app-to-app calls
  • Amazingly cheap domestic calls in Europe
  • Really low rated for (non-Yolla users) international phone calls – e.g, e.g., US – 1c/min)
  • Spanish localization
  • Direct dial – no need to enter any codes or call anyone back
  • 24/7 live support


  • Doesn’t offer subscription yet

Google Voice

Google voice is an Android app for free voice calls, allowing users to send free text messages and also make free calls.


  • Message up to five contacts at the same time
  • Read transcriptions of your voicemails,
  • Personalized greetings for family, friends, or coworkers.
  • Choose to receive calls at home, work, or on your mobile
  • International and conference calls
  • Block unwanted callers


  • You can not use your own number
  • Only available in the US at the moment


There is a great number of international calling applications that excel in their offered services and features. To sum up, Skype is still paramount in the niche of the video calls. If you want to use stickers and texting, you should definitely use Viber.

However, after a prolonged research, we have found that some of the cheapest rates available are on Yolla. So if you mind your budget this is a service for you.