What’s the Best Google Voice Alternative?

What’s the Best Google Voice Alternative?

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  1. How does Google Voice work?
  2. What is the Best Google Voice Alternative?
  3. Yolla - Best Google Voice alternative
  4. Yolla - Best Google Voice alternative: Rates to USA, Nigeria, Iran & India
  5. Free calls with Yolla - Best Google Voice alternative
  6. Download Yolla Today
If you’re one of those people who discovered Google Voice within the past decade, you may find it to be a highly useful app, though you’re likely aware of its cons. Do you want to keep your number for free? Are you looking for a Google Voice alternative for international calling? Do you need to make calls for free? Perhaps you’re not from the States or Canada and Google Voice doesn’t work with your number. If you are looking for a Google Voice alternative, then you’re in luck. Yolla solves all of these problems and more.  Yolla is a Google Voice alternative that solves the major problems that Google Voice users face, including calls to locations across the whole North American continent, more international calling destinations, lower rates, availability to people outside the USA or Canada numbers and it preserves the user’s number for free. 

How does Google Voice work?

Just like several other VoIP services, Google Voice is basically a web and smartphone-based app that allows you to make app-to-app and app-to-phone calls, with a couple of other nifty features sprinkled in. Some features of Voice are free while some are paid.

Free Features

Making a Google Voice account is free. This allows you to do several things – make free app-to-app calls and make free calls to landline and cellular phone numbers within most of the United States and Canada. Notice how we said, “most” – certain areas in the US and Canada that Google defines as “remote” may not qualify for free calling. This is one reason people are searching for a Google voice alternative Additionally, Google Voice offers a service many VoIP providers do not – the ability to port your caller ID to Voice (for a fee). This allows your cellular number to appear on your call recipient’s caller ID so that they know it’s you. This is especially handy for organizations such as banks that identify your account by your phone number.

Paid Features and Cons

So far so good, right? Well, this is where the free features end. If you are using Google Voice for outside of the US or Canada (or in a “remote” part of those countries), you will have to buy minutes, just like most international calling plans. 

Not Available in Most Countries

On top of that – there is a major caveat when it comes to international calls: Google Voice is NOT available in most countries. This is why many users go searching for Google Voice competitors or an alternative to Google Voice. Voice seems to currently be targeted to North American (and some European) customers. In fact, Google has a list on its website of countries in which you can sign up for Voice – and it’s a pretty short list. Do you live in Germany, Italy, India, Brazil, Australia, or Russia? Unfortunately, you’re out of luck – those countries (among many others) do not offer Voice.

No Way to Directly Call Customer Support

Another concern for some users may be the fact that Google Voice does not have a dedicated way to speak to technical support staff. While you can write questions on the Google Voice help forum, there is no staff you can directly call, email, or instant message to get assistance with any technical or service issues. This is another key reason users start searching for Google Voice alternatives for free. Overall, Voice is a solid service – but it is definitely not for everyone. Live in the US or Canada and aren’t a big international caller/traveler? Voice might be a good option to consider.  However, if you live in most of the rest of the world and would like to make calls within your country or to international numbers, you might be better served looking for a Google Voice alternative. What is the best alternative service to Google Voice?

What is the Best Google Voice Alternative?

If you need a way to make international calls for good low rates that won’t break your bank, there are plenty of alternatives to Google Voice for iPhone, Android, personal use and business alike. These include calling cards, international roaming, apps, etc. They all come with their pros and cons (the former usually entail high prices and fine print). However, are there other apps like Google Voice with equal or better features and no country restrictions? Perhaps you should look at Yolla Existing as an Android or iOS app, Yolla offers both free app-to-app calling and cheap app-to-phone (cell or landline) rates worldwide. Yolla is a Google Voice alternative that knows the value of international connectivity and does not restrict countries like Google Voice. Sign up from any country and call to any country, all with high definition voice quality. It also gives you the chance to call for free directly to mobiles or landlines. This is what makes it one of the best Google Voice alternatives for iPhone and Android, alike. Let’s look at all of its features, in detail.

Yolla - Best Google Voice alternative

Yolla’s wealth of useful features is why many people consider it the best Google Voice alternative.  Here are some of the key features of Yolla that make it one of the best services like Google Voice:
  • Keep your number: Yolla connects to your original phone number (for free, unlike Google Voice), so when you call someone with the Yolla app, they see your original name/number on their caller ID. 
  • Very low rates make it the best Google Voice alternative for Canada, the USA, India, UK or any other country.
  • Credits last forever: Unlike calling card credit, Yolla credits never expire
  • Reliable: HD quality calls never drop or lag 
  • User-friendly: The easy-to-use interface never confuses you
  • Free, unlimited calling app-to-app
  • Cheap international texting
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free calls: Programs for earning free credits to make free calls 
  • Secondary number: Get a second number from another country so residents of that country can call you and pay local calling rates.
With all of these features, making and receiving calls from anywhere in the world with Yolla is as easy as making or receiving a local call. Download Yolla (iOS, Android) today, the best Google Voice alternative, and get connected today. Have a look at the table below for an overview of Google Voice vs Yolla:
Yolla Google Voice
Low rates
Keep your number for FREE
Call 190+ countries worldwide
24/7 Customer Support
FREE international calls
Secondary number
International texting
In case you’re curious if Yolla’s rates are really worth it, I’ll demonstrate how cheap it is to call with Yolla. Here’s how much it costs to call a few popular destinations from any country in the world. 

Yolla - Best Google Voice alternative: Rates to USA, Nigeria, Iran & India


Yolla is a great Google Voice alternative for Europe as it is for any other region of the world. Here are some of our rates to European countries:
  • Germany - $0.01/min
  • France -  $0.06/min
  • Poland - $0.08/min
  • Italy - $0.007/min
A one-hour call to Germany will only cost you only $0.60! While there are many calling apps that can serve as a Google Voice alternative for Europe, many people who need to call internationally in Europe these days prefer Yolla because of its low rates and wide range of features.


Calls to the USA with Yolla are $0.008/min. That means a one-hour phone conversation with anyone in the USA, from anywhere in the world, will cost you less than a dollar ($0.48)! 


Calling India with Yolla costs $0.13/min. Therefore, a 60 min call to any mobile or landline in India, from anywhere in the world, will cost you $0.78.


Calls to Nigeria with Yolla cost $0.095/min. That means a 30 min call to anyone in Nigeria, from anywhere in the world, will cost you less than three dollars ($2.85)! 

UK - Google Voice alternative in Europe and UK

Yolla is a great UK Google Voice alternative. Calls to the UK with Yolla start at $0.125/min. Therefore, a 30 min call to any landline in the UK, from anywhere in the world, will cost you $3.75 Regardless of where you call from, Yolla offers some of the lowest rates on the market, which is why many people consider it the best Google Voice alternative.  What about the free calls I mentioned above? With Yolla, you can also earn free credit for calls anywhere in the world. Here’s how it works.

Free calls with Yolla - Best Google Voice alternative

Another reason Yolla is one of the best free Google Voice alternatives is that it lets you earn free credits for local or international calls. There are two methods for this – the referral program and the testing program. Here’s how to use Yolla as a free Google Voice alternative.

Yolla Referral Program - Google Voice alternative

Yolla’s referral program makes this app a popular choice among people searching for Google Voice-type apps. This program is similar to most affiliate programs. You share a link for other people to download the Yolla app. For every person who downloads the app via your link and tops up their account, you both receive $3 to your Yolla balance.  With low rates, $3 amounts to a lot of talking time. For example, three dollars is worth 30 minutes of calling time to Nigeria.

How to Join the Yolla Referral Program

You can join this program by tapping “Get Free Credits” in the in-app menu. Once you’ve joined:
  1. Copy your personal download link
  2. Share it with friends
  3. Earn free calling credit
There’s no limit on the number of $3 credits you can earn. The more you share, the more you earn! While Yolla may seem similar to Google Voice at first, it has a wealth of other features like this.  For Android users, there’s another way to use Yolla as a free Google Voice alternative. Android users can also earn free credits via a beta testing program. 

Yolla Testing Program - Google Voice alternative

Another reason Yolla is the best Google Voice alternative is its beta testing program for Android users.  If you use an Android system, you can earn free calling credit by receiving occasional test calls and texts.   You don’t have to respond to them or save the texts. Just let our tech team send them out to you and you’ll automatically earn credit to your Yolla balance. 

How to Join the Yolla Testing Program

  1. Download Yolla (iOS, Android)
  2. “Get Free Credits” in the app menu
  3. “Testing Program”
  4. Choose the tests you want to accept
Now that you know how to use Yolla as a free Google Voice alternative for making free calls, download the Yolla app (iOS, Android) and get connected today. 

Download Yolla Today

Google Voice is certainly not a service to be underestimated. In recent years, it has become reliable and fairly user-friendly. However, it remains greatly limited by its North American customer focus and international restrictions.  Whether you are looking for a Google Voice alternative for small business, business line or for personal use, Yolla may be the best option for you. Yolla preserves many of the features that make Google Voice great but adds true international calling freedom (no more country restrictions!), free caller ID retention, excellent rates, transparency, and real-human customer support. Check it out and discover what may be the best Google Voice alternative.
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