Call Overseas with Yolla while Studying Abroad

Call Overseas with Yolla while Studying Abroad

Table of Contents
  1. Think of Your CV in Advance
  2. Study Abroad at a University With a Strong International Reputation
  3. Travel Abroad Widely
  4. Develop Your Language Skills
  5. Make Friends From Around the World...
  6. …and Develop an International Professional Network
  7. Discover New Foods
  8. Become Spontaneous and Adventurous
In our multicultural and fast-living world studying abroad may bring only the very best experience to a student’s life. Today going abroad to study is not sophisticated: students have multiple opportunities in each university to choose from on where to go, what to learn, how much time to spend abroad etc. If you are enrolled at a university at home, it’s possible to participate in an international student exchange program for a semester or even the whole year. In particular, in Europe, there’s a famous Erasmus Mundus foundation which helps to become an exchange and even gives out scholarships! Millions of students do Erasmus each year and we recommend not to miss a chance to be one of them. Additionally, you may go on summer education abroad programs - who knows, maybe you’ve been dreaming of learning Italian, why not to start next summer? However, to immerse yourself into studying abroad at it’s fullest scale nothing goes better than getting a degree - both undergraduate or masters - at an international university. From New Zealand to Los Angeles there are plenty of universities worldwide - and the most difficult part is to choose the best one for you. Keep in mind, many of them offer study abroad scholarships to partly cover your expenses, while in some countries - France for instance - higher education is generally free!

Sounds tempting, huh? But we’re going further: check out some other major studying abroad perks which will make you google “how to go abroad”!

Think of Your CV in Advance

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As sadly as it sounds, one day you’ll finish your studies and will have to look for a job. Considering the tough competition among just-graduated, studying abroad with all the benefits it includes will make you a step ahead. Choose the modules which will come in handy afterward in your working life and make a priority of participating in case studies which are applicable to your CV.

Study Abroad at a University With a Strong International Reputation

get brilliant reputation for studying overseas in top university

You may not be getting a degree from a prestigious and world-renowned university at home, but going on exchange to study at the university closer to Top - 100 or even Top - 50 will increase your chances to get a better job, let alone other perks. Choose the best possible university to study at even for a single semester and try to get a couple of personal recommendations from local professors - and you’ll be amazed by how deeply it will affect your career!

Travel Abroad Widely

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Always dreamed of becoming a globetrotter? Not a problem anymore! While studying abroad you can travel almost as much as you want (if the studies let you, of course). You have plenty opportunities to travel almost free of charge: staying at your new international friends’ places, trying Bla-Bla-Car or other car sharing services help. Not to mention our cheap international calling rates for all the calls!

Develop Your Language Skills

abroad education improves your language skills

You will be surprised at how much you remember of a foreign language when you go abroad for a long period of time. Let alone English which you’ll be using all the time - both with your international friends and in your studies. You learn - maybe even from scratch - a second or a third language of the country you’re resident at (and there can be two or three at a time) or the language your new friends are speaking. All the barriers to be ruined - we bet you’ll be speaking as freely as never before in a couple of months!

Make Friends From Around the World...

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Some of those you meet on the way may become your friends. And that’s one of the most significant outcomes that you will get due to studying abroad - new international friends from all over the world. There’s no chance you will not meet your next BFF while the exchange! And if you want to keep in touch with them, you can always call overseas to talk with them and share your memories. Yolla will help you with that!

…and Develop an International Professional Network

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Not only you help each other during these Maths or whatever tests in a different language (feel so sorry for you) but also stay supportive in your future careers. Once a friend, always a friend - and by doing Erasmus or similar you meet a bunch of people who will definitely help you during your career path. Your chances to find a job in a good international company also increase. And should you have colleagues from other countries you can always call overseas to them with Yolla.

Discover New Foods

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That’s an important point. And it deserves being mentioned separately. First of all, cafes and restaurants, you know. Second of all, while studying abroad you’ll attend many home parties where everyone cooks international dishes - what a chance to try out local foods from places you’ve never been to!

Become Spontaneous and Adventurous

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When else to be spontaneous if not while studying abroad? Someone asks to go backpacking in the nearest forest or make a tattoo “Erasmus One Love” - do it no matter what. That’s the time of your life - spend it with fun and no regrets!

And to call overseas wisely while studying abroad - you still have worrying parents, right - get Yolla ! With our transparent and user-friendly interface alongside cheapest calling rates on the market, you’ll feel like home again whenever you are homesick or want to tell all about your last shopping wins to your parents. Keep in touch and keep on calling! 

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