HD Voice Calls – Get good quality calls with Yolla

HD Voice Calls – Get good quality calls with Yolla

HD Voice calls hype is all around. More and more mobile carriers now are implementing HD Voice calls, but that feature is mostly available only if both sides of a conversation have the same carrier or even the same smartphones. But what if you also want to enjoy drop-free calls without muffled voices and broken-up conversations but are not ready to change mobile carriers of all your friends?

To begin with, let’s open up a topic of HD Voice calls a bit. How exactly does it work? What benefits over usual calls there are? HD Voice is a wideband audio technology. Unlike usual landline phones and mobile carriers, HD Voice calls are available to transmit at the much better call frequency. Not to get too sophisticated, here’s an example. Imagine you’re talking to a friend who’s being at home and there's music playing on the background. You hear the song but the quality is not perfect, right? And, on the other hand, music is going through a Hi-Fi audio set and you’re standing right next to it. That is exactly the difference between HD Voice calls and usual calls you’re used to! Once tried, the temptation of talking only via HD Voice is irresistible. You hear every little shade of a person’s voice on the other side of the line, all the whispers and everything. The question is: where to get this transparent and brilliantly clear HD Voice feature for your phone?

Good news for you: Yolla offers HD Voice for all the app-to-app calls since the very beginning! What’s more, it’s absolutely FREE just as each one of app-to-app calls. All you need to do is to download Yolla, invite friends and start enjoying carefree clean and clear conversations. By the way, just like each and every friend you’ve invited, you get a $2 credit as a gift from us - so that you can talk for free even with those who don’t own a smartphone!

Let’s not forget that Yolla is made for international calling: if your friend doesn’t own a smartphone you can still call him through Yolla at extremely high call quality. Simply top up your balance and enjoy talking to whoever you like. You’ll see the rates in advance and will never get unexpected charges and fee. With our outstanding conditions on calling worldwide, app-2-app calls are just a pleasant bonus :)

Yolla is made for talking - both HD and High-Quality - to all of your contacts worldwide. Start enjoying your best calls right now!

P.S. We sincerely hope that your relatives and friends are not affected by the situation with banning countries by President Trump. Therefore we’re giving you the best rates to call to any country in the world. We know Viber has announced free calls to these countries. Well, calling for free is good, but dropless conversations and HD Voice calls is a way better. Be closer to your family by having HD Voice and dropless calls. Enjoy calling whoever you need whenever you want to!

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