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Yolla advice

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Remember our #5yearsyolla contest? You told us what happened to you in the last 5 years, and we gave out gifts? We not only enjoyed giving out the gifts - we also tremendously appreciated your stories! Most of you have moved to other cities and even countries - it's so exciting! There have been stories of tremendous joy but also stories of challenges. How about we team up and help each other? After all, the goal of Yolla is to close the distance between people, wherever they are. Each week we will announce a story theme and ask you to submit personal stories that relate to it. We will then choose one hero each week, whose story could be most moving and relevant to others who are currently in a similar situation. As a show of appreciation - we will credit $10 to that person's Yolla account and publish the post on our page so that other users have the opportunity to unite and communicate. Who knows, maybe you will even find new friends? Let's start with a simple theme: tell us how long ago and to which country you have moved? What are the main three difficulties you faced, how did you solve them? Post stories on your page with the hashtag #yollaadvice ! Perhaps your advice will help us on our own paths! Read all the details and rules here: We are eagerly awaiting your posts!  

Promotion rules “#yollaadvice”

Period. 26.01.2021-30.04.2021   Terms of participation. All users of the social network Facebook can participate. To do this, you need to publish your story on your personal Facebook page with the hashtag #yollaadvice. We organize this promotion with the aim to unite Yolla users. Our goal: to create a friendly community of people who can help each other with advice and examples based on personal experience.   Note. Make sure your Facebook page privacy settings do not prevent other users and brand pages from finding your posts. Be sure to add the hashtag #yollaadvice to your post or we may not be able to find it.   What stories to publish? Every week here on Yolla's official page (https://www.facebook.com/yollacalls) we will publish a post with a topic for new stories. The participant publishes a story on their personal page with the corresponding Facebook hashtag. Then we choose the most interesting and useful story during the next 7 days and publish it on Yolla page on Facebook. After that we contact the winner through private messages and add a $10 bonus to their Yolla account.   Important: stories that contain the following will not be accepted for participation in the competition:
  • obscene language;
  • insults towards other people or animals;
  • scenes of violence;
  • pornography;
  • propaganda of political, religious or sexual views;
  • racial discrimination.
  Prizes and rules:
  • the size of the gift for each user is the same - $10 added to to their Yolla account;
  • on business days, the Yolla team will track posts with the hashtag #yollaadvice;
  • if the story meets all the requirements, then the administrator of the official Yolla page will contact the users to request a phone number that is linked to their user account on the Yolla app;
  • you can find out if you received the prize in the app, in the section “Your balance.” Additionally, the user will receive a message via Messenger Facebook about it;
  • one user can receive only one gift, regardless of the number of stories he/she has published.
  The organizer of the competition (Team Yolla) reserves the right to:
  • deny a user a repeat prize
  • refuse to award a prize to a user if their publication violates moral, legal, or ethical principles (for more details, see the section “What stories to publish?”)
  • share user stories at https://www.facebook.com/yollacalls – if necessary, request additional information about the account, in order to protect against potential unfair actions of participants.
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