Call Iran From the USA – Cheap calls from anywhere in the world

Call Iran From the USA – Cheap calls from anywhere in the world

In 2021, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran released statistics showing that more than 4 million Iranians currently live abroad. Every year more and more people leave Iran. As a result, there are many Iranian expats who need to call Iran from the USA and elsewhere every single day. Are you one of these adventurous souls? You may simply feel homesick, miss your loved ones and need to keep in touch with your friends and family back home. Or you need to make calls to Iran for business reasons. So, what’s the best way to call Iran from the USA (and elsewhere) in the 21st century?

WiFi calling apps are the first choice for obvious reasons – they’re free and convenient. But what if you need to call someone who doesn’t have internet or a smartphone (grandma)? What if you need to call a landline in Iran? Is a calling card the best option? 

Here’s where Yolla can help.

By cutting costly international fees that telecom providers and calling card companies charge on calls abroad, Yolla offers cheap HD quality calls to Iran from the USA or any other region in the world.

Here’s how to call Iran cheap from the USA (or elsewhere) at prices much lower than even the cheapest calling cards, with no complexities and many added conveniences (including the chance to call for FREE!).

A New Way to Call Iran Cheap (or FREE)

To understand why Yolla is the best way to call Iran from the USA and other locations around the world, we need to quickly remind ourselves how the traditional international calling methods work. 

Usually, it’s with a calling card.

So, you want to call Iran from the USA? Most likely, you would use your wifi calling app and connect that way. But, if you ever need to call someone who doesn’t have wifi or a smartphone (grandma) or to an Iranian landline (bank, mobile carrier), you traditionally would buy an international calling card. 

These plastic cards are available at gas stations, supermarkets, mini markets, convenience stores and many other businesses.

Each one contains a specific number of minutes for a specific destination. This determines the cost of the card. They also include an exit number and a PIN number.

To make a call, you do the following:

  1. First, you dial the number on the card
  2. After it connects, you dial the card’s PIN number and/or access code
  3. Thirdly, you dial the Iranian phone number you want to call

Once it connects, the person you’re calling sees an unfamiliar number on their caller ID and generally has no idea who is calling. Out of fear it may be a spam call, they sometimes don’t even pick up. 

This is especially a problem if you need to call a bank or other local business back in Iran.  

For those people living abroad who need to call Iran from the USA for cheap, a calling card is better than nothing, but there is some important fine print that makes it even more complicated. 

If ignored, it can be costly. 

Calling Iran from the USA the Old Way – Expensive 

If you have experience calling Iran from the USA with a calling card, then you know about the fine print. Let us remind you of the caveats you need to be aware of that sneak up on you.

Shady 3-Minute Round-up

Remember those “minutes” you paid for? Well, those minutes rarely equal the actual number of minutes you’ll spend calling Iran from the USA. 

Sounds confusing, right? 

Calling card companies often round-up minutes in 3-minute increments. So, if you make a call to Iran for seven minutes, you’ll be charged for nine. If your call lasts only one minute, you’ll be charged for three.

Hidden Fees  

If you check the fine print, you’ll see that many of these companies charge exorbitant “surcharge fees” or “convenience fees” for any extra minutes. 

Charges Before Connecting 

Remember the time you take to enter the exit number, wait for the prompt, dial the PIN, wait for the prompt and, finally, enter the Iran number code and dial the Iranian number you want to call? 

It makes sense that you would be charged for minutes from the moment the other person picks up and the call connects. But, in this case, you are often charged from the moment you dial the PIN. 

They charge you for time spent following their prompts!

Unsupported Cards  

Yet another twist. 

You want to call Iran from the USA or some other country, but not every mobile carrier supports calling cards to Iran. Before spending your time and money on such a card, check that your mobile carrier supports them.

Otherwise, you’ll end up with a brand new, useless piece of plastic.

Expiration dates  

Your minutes expire if you don’t do a few things on time. 

Many of these companies burn the minutes if:

  • They aren’t used by a certain date
  • You don’t top-up your account by a certain date
  • You don’t use a card some number of times each month or year

You have to keep track of all of this, otherwise, you’ll lose your minutes.

The Future of Calling Iran from the USA

All that complexity just to call Iran?! Do we really need to read a legal textbook before we call abroad?

In the 21st century, with all the WiFi calling apps and other technology on our smart phones for instantly connecting with others around the globe, you’d think we’d have a cheap way to call Iran from the USA or anywhere else in the world. 

Thankfully, we do. 

The Yolla app breaks down these financial and physical barriers that separate us. Yolla throws the complexity out the window and helps you achieve a simple goal: cheap, easy calls to Iran from the USA and elsewhere.

Here’s how it works.

How to Call Iran from the USA in the Cheapest and Simplest Way

Calling cards and all of their difficulties are now a relic of the past. 

Yolla lets you call Iran from the USA or anywhere else in the world at the lowest rates available.

Here are some benefits of using Yolla:

  • Your minutes never expire
  • Goodbye three-minute rounding – you’re charged by the minute
  • No PINS or exit numbers
  • You’re only charged for time you spend talking
  • Lowest rates available

Besides eliminating the complexities of calling to Iran, you get the following benefits:

  • HD voice quality
  • Keep your number (recipient sees your number on the caller ID)
  • Synchronizes with the contacts on your phone and maintains your call history
  • No hidden fees
  • User-friendly interface – you’ll never be confused
  • HD quality calls with crisp sound that never drop or fade
  • 24/7 support

You can also earn FREE credits via our referral program, which can make your calls to Iran from the USA completely free!

And, of course, if your friends and loved ones in Iran have Yolla on their phone, you can talk via WiFi for as long as you like, completely free.

Let’s look at how simple it is to call Iran from the USA or any other location in the world with Yolla.

How to Call Iran From USA

Step 1. Dialing an Iranian number  

Just dial the number and go. 

Usually, calling card guides ask you to “dial an exit number” when you try to call Iran from the USA or other countries. 

Forget about this nonsense. 

With Yolla, you don’t need to memorize any complex exit numbers. Just dial the Iranian number as it is, starting with +78. We have already dialed “+” for you, so you just enter 98 and the number you want to call. 

As simple as that.

call to iran from usa yolla dial pad

In case you want to know whether the Iranian number you’re calling is a mobile or landline, here’s a your cheat sheet for Iran codes and the Iran phone number format:


Iran, landline


Iran, Tehran, landline


Iran, mobile


Iran, MCI, mobile


Iran, MCI, mobile


Iran, MTN, mobile


Iran, MTN, mobile


Iran, MTN, mobile


Iran, MTN, mobile


Iran, MTN, mobile


Iran, MTN, mobile


Iran, MTN, mobile


Iran, MTN, mobile


Iran, MTN, mobile


Iran, MTN, mobile

Step 1.2: Import your contacts 

Okay, we lied. It can get even simpler. 

If all of your Iranian numbers are in your contact list, you can just import them without dialing numbers manually every time. 

Just go to contacts, tap “Add contacts” and tap “OK”.

Here’s how it looks on an iPhone:

call to iran from usa import contacts yolla screen

Step 2: Call Iran  

Just press the green phone button and make cheap international calls to Iran from the USA, Canada or wherever you are! 

Mobiles or landlines – we’ll connect you to any number so you can easily talk with your family and loved ones with HD quality and no fuss.

And as for topping up, you can recharge your Yolla account via Bank card or in-app purchase on both platforms as well as via PayPal on Android.

How to Call Iran From Canada  

If you want to know how to call Iran from Canada, it’s simple – just follow the exact same steps as outlined above for calling Iran from the USA. 

With the Yolla app, it doesn’t matter where you are located in the world. As long as you have a balance in your Yolla account, you can always make cheap phone calls to Iran or anywhere else in the world. 

How to Call Iran From Australia  

You can probably see the pattern here. You can call Iran from Australia in the exact same way as you would call Iran from the USA or Canada. 

How to Call Iran From India  

Need to know how to call Iran from India? You guessed it – you can call Iran from India in the exact same way as any of the above countries.

How to Call Iran From UK  

Just download the Yolla app and register and top up your balance from within the app. Then follow the instructions above to call Iran from the UK

There’s another option for registering and topping up for all Yolla users, regardless of where you are in the world: 

  • Before you download the app, you can also register your phone number with Yolla and top up your account online and avoid app store fees that can be applied to in-app purchases.

This isn’t only for callers from the UK. Remember, You can use Yolla in one location of the world in the exact same way as you would in any other location. 

Yolla is the same for everyone everywhere

How to Call Iran for Free

Here’s a special question. Many of you want to know, “How can I call Iran for free?”. Well, you’re in luck. 

With the Yolla referral program and the Yolla testing program for Android, you can earn bonus credits to make your calls to Iran completely free. 

With the referral program, you can share a special Yolla download link with a friend and you’ll each receive $3 to your Yolla accounts once they download Yolla and top up their account. 

If you join the test program, you can earn bonus credits for doing practically…nothing. For each test SMS or call you receive, you earn a small credit to your Yolla account. This program is available to join only from within the app. Instructions are here

Call Iran from the USA for Cheap Today

Today, we have the technology to call loved ones around the world more conveniently and affordably. This is everyone’s right. And that’s what Yolla does. 

With Yolla, your loved ones are just a call away! Keep on calling, keep on talking, keep on Yolling!

Download the Yolla app today for iOS or Android.

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