How to Call Iran From USA, Canada and Other Countries – Iran Dialing Guide for 2024

How to Call Iran From USA, Canada and Other Countries – Iran Dialing Guide for 2024

Table of Contents
  1. Calling Methods Comparison Table 
  2. How to Dial Iran from Abroad: Traditional Calling Card Method and Its Shortfalls
  3. Calling Iran from the USA Using the Traditional Calling Card Method (Costly)
  4. The Future of Calling Iran from the USA 
  5. How to Call Iran From USA

In 2021, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran revealed that over 4 million Iranians live abroad. The number of Iranians moving overseas continues to grow, leading to a significant demand for communication methods for calling back home. Whether you're feeling homesick, need to maintain relationships, or have business obligations, finding the most effective way to call Iran is crucial.

Using WiFi calling apps is typically the first choice due to their cost-effectiveness and convenience. However, these apps fall short when the recipient lacks internet access or when you need to contact a traditional landline. This is where alternatives like calling cards come into play, though they come with their own set of challenges.

Calling Methods Comparison Table 

When calling Iran, whether reaching out to a landline or a cell phone, with or without internet access, it’s important to know the best methods available to you. 

Below is a detailed table that outlines the various methods you can use to call Iran from abroad, including free options provided by Yolla. 

This guide provides clarity and prepares you for stress-free future calling experiences.


Calling a Landline in Iran 

Calling a Cell Phone in Iran (With Internet Connection)

Calling a Cell Phone in Iran (Without Internet Connection)

Method 1 

Direct Dialing with Yolla (Affordable)

Make a Yolla Call That Connects to the Local Network (Affordable)

Make a Yolla Call That Connects to the Local Network (Affordable)

Method 2 

The Traditional Calling Method (Expensive)

The Traditional Calling Method (Expensive)

The Traditional Calling Method (Expensive)

Method 3 

Yolla Promotions: Special Offers for Bonus Credits (Extra Affordable)

Yolla Promotions: Special Offers for Bonus Credits (Extra Affordable)

Yolla Promotions: Special Offers for Bonus Credits (Extra Affordable)

Free Method 

Referring Friends to Yolla (Free) 

Caller and Recipient Download Yolla for Free Calls 

Referring Friends to Yolla (Free) 

Yolla: The Perfect App for International Calling to Mobiles and Landlines

Yolla steps in to eliminate costly international fees charged by telecom providers and calling card companies, offering high-definition quality calls to Iran from any region at competitive rates. Here are some of Yolla benefits: 

  • HD Quality Calls: Enjoy crystal-clear voice quality without interruptions.
  • No Hidden Fees: Transparent pricing with no surprise charges.
  • Ease of Use: Simple and intuitive app interface.
  • Keep Your Number: Recipients see your number, not a random one.
  • No Expiry on Minutes: Use your purchased minutes whenever you like.
  • No Complex Codes: Forget about dialing long strings of numbers and codes.

Is Yolla the app for you? Download the app now for IOS or Android.

How to Dial Iran from Abroad: Traditional Calling Card Method and Its Shortfalls

To understand why Yolla is a great option for contacting Iran, we need to revisit how traditional international calling methods function. 

Typically, this involves the use of a calling card. 

If you need to reach someone in Iran who does not have internet access or a smartphone, or if you need to contact an Iranian landline for services such as banking or mobile provider, the most common choice would be to use the traditional calling method. 

Commonly, for calling Iran, the traditional calling method would be done via a calling card; a physical card, preloaded with credit at a set rate for making calls to Iran. 

Although they are becoming increasingly outdated with the advent of newer solutions, calling cards are available at local shops including gas stations, supermarkets, and convenience stores. Digital versions are also available, but you will need a strong internet connection to successfully purchase them. 

A calling card usually requires the use of a PIN, used to access the card’s credit. Apart from that, the process is identical to that of the traditional calling method: 

  1. Dial the number printed on the card. 
  2. Once connected, enter the card’s PIN/access code. 
  3. Proceed to dial the number of the person you’re calling in Iran. To do this, you’ll need the international exit code for your country, the country code for the country you’re calling to, the area code if you’re dialing a landline number, and the number itself. 
  4. After connecting, the person you’re calling will see an unrecognizable number, which could lead to them ignoring the call as they consider it as spam. 

This issue becomes more risky when you try to call essential services like banks in Iran. For expats needing to maintain connections with Iran in a cost-effective manner, a calling card does provide a solution, but at what cost?

If not carefully managed, expect large expenses.

Calling Iran from the USA Using the Traditional Calling Card Method (Costly)

If you have experience with using calling cards to reach Iran, you are likely familiar with the hidden details. 

Here are some of the complexities that often catch users out, adding unexpected to what may initially seem like a fair deal: 

Rounded-Up Billing Increments

The “minutes” you purchase do not always equal the actual talk time you will get. 

For example, if your conversation lasts for 7 minutes, you might be charged for 9, depending on the billing policies of the calling card company you use. 

Always read the smallprint

Hidden Fees

For any time you spend over the given period, you will likely have to pay yet more additional fess. 

Such fees are likely to be a much larger per-minute rate than rates originally offered. When using the calling card method, ensure you stick strictly to the time you have paid for. 

Charges Before Connection

Surprisingly, you might incur charges before your call even connects. 

But why?

Some calling cards choose to start charging you from the moment you begin entering the required dialing information. 

This can include the time taken for you to enter the exit number, listen to automated prompts, input the PIN, and finally dial the Iranian number. 

For this reason, it’s best to avoid the method generally, or ensure you know the required information like the back of your hand. 

Unsupported by Some Carriers

Before purchasing a calling card, check that your mobile network provider supports its use for calls to Iran. 

If you don’t do this, you risk the possibility of buying a calling card that you cannot use. 

Expiration of Minutes 

Another potential downside of calling cards is that their minutes often expire within a set amount of time. This varies between calling card providers but could be, for example, 1-6 months. 

This leaves you in a tricky position: 1. Use all the credit available to you and risk wasting it. 2. Wait until you need to make a call but risk waiting longer than the expiry time of your calling card. 

If you do use the calling card method, check the credit expiry time with the provider you choose. 


These points overview the complications and potential expenses associated with the calling card method for making international calls to Iran, highlighting the need for a simplified and affordable solution. 

The Future of Calling Iran from the USA 

All that complication just to make a call to Iran? Surely not. Is it really necessary to go through pages of smallprint before making an international call? 

In the 21st century, WiFi calling apps and smartphone technology allow us to connect globally with ease, but there are a few things you should know. 

Some Voice over Internet Provider (VoIP) calling apps allow you to make easy calls internationally, but they often require both you are the person you’re calling to install the app on your phone, and for both of you to have a strong and stable internet connection.

Thankfully, There’s Yolla! 

Yolla eliminates both financial and technical worries, simplifying the process of international communication. 

The traditional methods are complicated and costly. Yolla offers a streamlined alternative that we think you’ll love. Plus, it’s really easy to find rate offers, even lower than standard rates. 

View Yolla rates for Iran to see how much your call will cost. It’s also super simple via the app; when you select Iran as the country you intend to call, rates will be shown automatically.

How Contact Iran from the USA with Ease and Affordability

Forget outdated calling cards - with Yolla, they are a thing of the past. 

Yolla enables calls to Iran from the USA or anywhere in the world, offering the most competitive rates. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of using Yolla: 

Stress-Free, Non-expiring Credits: Unlike calling cards, which often cancel your balance after some time, Yolla’s credits never expire! Use your credits whenever you choose. 

Accurate Minute Billing: Say goodbye to round-up charges - you pay (a small amount) for the time you talk. 

No PIN Required: Unlike calling cards, the Yolla calling process is easy. 

Pay Only for Talking Time: You are only charged for the duration of your call, nothing more. 

Oh, and There’s This! (Additional Yolla Advantages)

High-Definition Voice Quality: Experience crystal-clear call quality without any disruptions. 

Keep Your Old Number: The recipient sees the number they recognize as your, important for loved ones and crucial for banks, hotels, etc. 

Seamless Integration: Yolla synchronizes with your phone’s contacts and keeps your call history organized. 

No Hidden Fees: Transparency in pricing ensures no surprises. 

User-Friendly Interface: The app is simple to navigate, making it easy for anyone to use. 

24/7 Customer Support: Help is always available whenever you need it! 

Earn Free Credits: Through our referral program, your calls to Iran could be free. 

Free Calls! 

There’s a few ways to make free calls with Yolla, which we’ll explain later. 

But firstly, if your friends and family have an internet connection, get them to download Yolla. Yolla-to-Yolla calls are absolutely free

So, now you know why calling Iran from the USA or any other location is cost-effective and simple!

How to Call Iran From USA

Step 1. Dialing an Iranian Number

Simply dial the number and begin your conversation. 

Traditional calling card methods often require you to dial an international exit number, which indicates to your network provider that you wish to call internationally. 

With Yolla, you can forget about the complicated bit. You don’t need to memorize any numbers, you simply need to know the Iranian number. 

When you select that you’re calling an Iranian number, Yolla will automatically input “+98,” so you don’t need to. 

It’s that simple.

call to iran from usa yolla dial pad

Step 1.2: Import Your Contacts 

So actually, it can get even simpler. 

If your Iranian contacts are saved on your phone, you can import them directly into Yolla, avoiding the need to dial numbers manually each time. 

Simply go to contact, select “Add contacts,” and confirm with “OK”. 

This is how it looks on iPhone:

call to iran from usa import contacts yolla screen

Step 2: Make the Call

Press the green phone button to initiate affordable international calls to Iran from the USA, Canada, or any other location. 

Whether it’s mobiles or landlines, Yolla connects you effortlessly, allowing clear conversations with your family and friends without complications. 

Additionally, topping up your Yolla account is easy, with payment options available within the app itself.

How to Call Iran From Canada

Calling Iran from Canada is straightforward with Yolla - simply follow the exact same steps as you would from the USA

Canada has a number of expatriate communities who originate from Iran. For this reason, the country experiences frequent calls to Iran. 

Traditional telecom services in Iran, such as operator-assisted calls, calling cards, and landline calling all exist, but due to the long distance from Iran, prices for all methods are likely to be expensive. 

Yolla offers a cost effective alternative, offering you uninterrupted, high-quality calls at lower rates. 

Yolla is perfect if: 

  • You have an internet connection.
  • The person you are calling doesn’t have an internet connection.
  • The person you are calling has either a landline or a cell phone.

However, if the person you are calling does have an internet connection, Yolla-to-Yolla calls are free. 

Yolla is ideal in places like Canada, where diverse communities maintain ties with their home countries. 

How to Call Iran From Australia

The process for calling Iran from Australia is identical to that used in the USA and Canada, thanks to Yolla. 

Australia is massive, its geographical distance from Iran often means that traditional calling method rates are high. 

Yolla manages to avoid high calling rates, by using a hybrid method which mixes the best features of traditional calling and more modern VoIP technologies. 

The app’s straightforward interface means it’s easy to use and doesn’t require any physical item. By simply downloading the Yolla app and setting up an account, you can be calling in minutes. 

How to Use Yolla 

Download the Yolla App: Head over to the App Store or Google Play, search for "Yolla," and download the app.

Verify Your Number: Once installed, launch the Yolla app and input your phone number. You will receive a verification code via SMS or voice message to confirm your number.

Check Rates: Before making your call, look up the rates for your destination, which in this case is Iran. Yolla's rates for calling Iran are competitively priced to ensure affordability.

Enter the Phone Number: Begin by entering the country code for Iran, which is +98. Follow this with the area code (if you’re calling a landline) and the local phone number.

You’re All Set: Now you can enjoy a high-quality calling experience to Iran at an affordable price, all from the comfort of your home in Australia.

How to Call Iran From India

Are you looking to connect with Iran from India? It’s just as easy as from any other country, but only if you use Yolla. 

India has a large community of Iranians. Equally, many Indians themselves have relatives dispersed all around the world, leaving a lot of the country looking for reliable, high-quality, and affordable methods for international calling. 

Traditional calling costs from India to Iran can vary, but are likely to be more expensive than other methods such as VoIP technology. 

The Downside of VoIP Technology

On paper, VoIP technology is great. Calls are sometimes free and the process is greatly simplified when compared to traditional calling methods. 

One crucial downside to VoIP technology is that apps usually require both you and the person you are calling to have the app installed. 

If you’re planning to contact someone with no internet connection, or a bank or hotel, it’s likely you’ll need to use another method. 

Thankfully there’s Yolla! 

Yolla enables you to call landlines and mobiles, even when the person you’re calling doesn't have an internet connection.

All you need is an internet connection. There’s also various ways to make Yolla calls free. Keep reading to find out. 

View Yolla’s rates for Iran here: 

How to Call Iran From the UK

International calling rates in the UK for calls to Iran are likely to be expensive for most methods, but your calls don’t have to be complicated or expensive. 

Calling Iran from the UK is simple. Start by downloading the Yolla app and register your account.

The UK hosts a large number of Iranian expatriates and visitors, creating a steady demand for reliable communication methods. 

Traditional UK operators may charge high international rates, which can increase the cost of frequent calls. 

Yolla provides an alternative that not only reduces costs but also maintains high quality despite the long distance. 

Additionally, Yolla allows users to register and top up their accounts online, avoiding app store fees and making credit purchases cheaper. Simply go to the Yolla website to learn more. 

How Do you Make Free International Calls to Iran 

Q: Is it really possible to make free calls to Iran? 

A: Absolutely! No matter if you’re calling from the USA, UK, Australia, or many other countries around the world, making free international calls to both cell phones and landlines in Iran is possible with Yolla. 

We discussed free calls in a previous article, but here are the key steps: It all begins when you share Yolla! 

Share Your Personal Yolla Link: You can find and share your personal Yolla link via SMS or any other method you prefer. 

Your Friend Makes a Payment: After your friend installs Yolla using your link, they will need to purchase credits, either with the app or on Yolla’s website. 

Earn Rewards: Both you and your friends will receive $3 credit to your Yolla balances once the purchase is completed. 

Follow Yolla on Socials for Bonus Credit! 

To make your Yolla calls even more cost-effective, make sure to follow Yolla on social media. This way, you’ll stay up-to-date on all new promotions. Each promotion provides a bonus for your next top-up. 

Yolla Social Media Platforms 

View Yolla’s Rates for Iran 

To view Yolla’s current rates for calling Iran, use this link. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you could be saving when compared with other calling methods. 

Call Iran from the USA Affordably Today

Today, we have the technology to call loved ones worldwide conveniently and affordably. Yolla enables you to do just that. 

With Yolla, loved ones are just a call away! Continue to speak, call, and connect - keep on Yolling!

Download the Yolla app today for iOS or Android and bring those you care about closer.

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