How to Call Pakistan from the USA and Other Countries – A Yolla Guide

How to Call Pakistan from the USA and Other Countries – A Yolla Guide

Table of Contents
  1. How to Make Affordable Calls to Pakistan
  2. Quick Check: All Possible Methods for Calling Pakistan (Landline and Mobile) 
  3. Calling Pakistan from the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and India
  4. How Do You Make Free International Calls to Pakistan?
  5. Other Methods for Calling Landlines in Pakistan 
  6. Other Methods for Calling Mobiles in Pakistan 
  7. Discover Additional Helpful Tips 

Are you looking to make high-quality, affordable calls to landlines and mobiles in Pakistan? Do you have friends, family, or colleagues there waiting for your call? This article explores the various methods available to you, including traditional calling, calling cards, operator-assisted calls, VoIP calls, and Yolla.

How to Make Affordable Calls to Pakistan

Download the Yolla app, top up your account, and dial any mobile phone or landline to make calls to Pakistan. All you need is an internet connection.

What is Yolla? Making VoIP Calls to Pakistan

Yolla is an international calling and texting app that uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, as opposed to traditional calling methods, which, at a basic level, rely on radio waves. 

Complication aside, Yolla is an app that enables you to make the same high-quality international calls to Pakistan as you would expect from a traditional method, but at a fraction of the price.

Yolla’s Calling Rates for Pakistan

Yolla’s rates start from just $0.044/min for international calls to cell phones and landlines in Pakistan. 

To use Yolla, simply follow these steps: 

  1. Download Yolla (iOS, Android).
  2. Sign up and verify your phone number.
  3. Top up your account.
  4. Start calling.

It’s also worth mentioning that Yolla synchronizes with your contacts list. Simply choose a contact and tap the call button. 

Quick Check: All Possible Methods for Calling Pakistan (Landline and Mobile) 

Explore various ways to connect via calls within Pakistan, whether from a home phone or cell phone, with or without internet connection. This section details traditional methods, the use of calling cards, and highlights the benefits of Yolla for seamless digital communication. Choose the best calling option that fits your needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient connection every time.

From / To

Calling from a Landline (Home Phone)

Calling from a Cell Phone with Internet 

Calling from a Cellular Phone without Internet

Calling to a Landline

Calling Cards

Traditional Calling

Calling Cards

Traditional Calling 


Calling Cards

Traditional Calling

Calling to a Cell Phone with Internet 

Calling Cards

Traditional Calling 

Calling Cards

Traditional Calling 


VoIP (If app installed both ways)

Calling Cards

Traditional Calling 

Calling to a Cell Phone without Internet

Calling Cards

Traditional Calling 

Calling Cards

Traditional Calling 


Calling Cards

Traditional Calling 

Calling Pakistan from the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and India

This section provides detailed guidance on calling Pakistan from the USA, India, UK, Canada, and Australia. 

From the USA 

Many Pakistani citizens live in cities such as New York and Chicago, often in need of calls to places like Lahore or Islamabad. When calling from the USA, use the international exit code (011) followed by Pakistan’s country code (92) and the local phone number. Traditional call methods prices can be high. If you have internet access, consider an internet-based method such as Yolla

From India 

In India, cities such as Delhi and Mumbai have significant numbers of people calling family members in Karachi or Lahore. Since calling rates can be high, using internet-based calling solutions might be the most cost-effective way of calling home phones and mobiles in Pakistan. 

Key Points: 

  • If you plan to use Yolla, only you will need an internet connection. 
  • If you’re using other VoIP apps, it’s likely both you and the person you’re calling will need a strong internet connection. 

From the UK 

In the UK, with notable Pakistani communities in Birmingham, Bradford, and Manchester, there are a number of common methods available for calling both mobile phones and landlines in Pakistan. Various shops exist which sell calling cards and international SIM cards. Local network providers also offer monthly plans for making international calls, starting at around £30/month. 

However, internet connection across the UK is good. To place international calls, it may be worth considering Yolla: 

  • Call people who don’t have an internet connection. 
  • Call home phones and cell phones. 
  • Keep your existing number. 
  • See low rates before calling. 

From Canada

People in cities like Toronto and Vancouver frequently make calls to Pakistan. The choice of calling method varies based on individual needs and the quality of internet connectivity. While most Canadians enjoy reliable internet service, those in Pakistan, particularly in remote areas, may not have stable connections.

Due to this disparity, many in Canada prefer traditional calling methods despite the higher costs associated with them. Here’s how to use the traditional calling method to reach both landlines and mobiles

However, most people would appreciate knowing that, to save money, Yolla is a good option

From Australia

Calling Pakistan from Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne involves dialing the international exit code (0011), followed by Pakistan’s country code (92). If you’re calling a landline in Pakistan, you’ll also need to know the area code of the recipient. 

Since international calling can be pricey, we recommend looking into digital communication platforms such as Yolla. 

Why Yolla? 

Yolla offers a seamless calling experience and our rates always remain the same, ensuring you stay connected regardless of where you are calling from. 

Key Yolla advantages: 

  • Enjoy stable, high-quality calls.
  • Keep your number so the person you're calling recognizes you—useful for calls to banks, restaurants, organizations, and family.
  • Call both landlines and mobile phones, even if the recipient doesn't have an internet connection.
  • There’s no chance you’ll lose credits! Unlike calling cards and subscription-based services, Yolla credits never expire.
  • App-to-app calls are free and unlimited.
  • Yolla offers 24/7 customer support.

How Do You Make Free International Calls to Pakistan?

Q: Wait, there’s a way to make free calls to Pakistan?

A: Yes, that’s absolutely right. Whether you’re calling from the USA, UK, France, or most other places in the world, making free international calls to cell phones and landlines is absolutely possible with Yolla. 

We previously made an article explaining free calls, but here are the steps: 

It all starts with sharing Yolla! 

  1. Share Your Personal Yolla Link: Find and share your link through SMS or any preferred method.
  2. Your Friend Makes a Payment: After installing Yolla via your link, your friend needs to purchase credits either in the app or on Yolla's website.
  3. Earn Rewards: Both you and your friend receive a $3 credit to your Yolla balance once the payment is made.

Follow Yolla on Socials for Free Credits! 

To make Yolla calls even more affordable, ensure you follow Yolla on socials to stay informed on all new promotions. Each code gives you a bonus at your next top-up. 

Yolla Socials

Other Methods for Calling Landlines in Pakistan 

Operator-Assisted Calls to Landlines 

Operator-assisted calls are a traditional method that remains in use, although it's less common today. With this approach, you don't need to enter complicated dialing codes yourself; an operator will handle it for you.

This service may appeal to individuals who prefer not to deal with technology. However, it's important to note that the involvement of an operator usually means higher costs compared to direct dialing.

Here are the steps: 

  1. Gather Information: Ensure you know the Pakistani home phone number and have required payment details at hand. 
  2. Dial Operator: Contact the operator service. 
  3. Provide Details: They will need your name, phone number, and the Pakistani home phone number you need to reach, including the country and area codes.
  4. Wait for the Connection: The operator will connect your call. 
  5. Begin Conversation: Once the connection is established, start your conversation. 
  6. End Call: Finish your call in the normal manner. 

Traditional Calling Method to Landlines 

The classic way of making international calls involves a straightforward process supported by your phone’s network provider, which will have a predetermined rate for Pakistan. It’s advisable to check these rates as they can vary, especially if your phone contract doesn't typically cover international calls.

To call a Pakistani home phone from the USA using the traditional method, follow these steps:

  1. Check Call Costs: Confirm the cost with your service provider to avoid surprises.
  2. US Exit Code: Start with “011”, the code needed to dial out of the USA.
  3. Enter Pakistan’s Country Code (ISD Code): Dial “92” after the exit code to route your call to Pakistan.
  4. Dial the Area Code: Include the area code for the specific region in Pakistan you are trying to reach. For example, Lahore is “42”.
  5. Dial the Phone Number: Key in the 7 to 10-digit home phone number. After entering the full number, wait for the call to be answered.

Using Calling Cards for Calls to Landlines 

Though solutions have largely replaced calling cards in many regions, they remain a viable option for some due to their simplicity and upfront cost management. Comparing prices before purchasing a calling card is crucial as they come with a set amount of credit and can be more expensive than anticipated. 

A calling card for Pakistan from the USA might cost £10, with rates to home phones at around 8 cents/minute. 

Here’s the method: 

  1. Use the Access Number: Dial the access number provided with your calling card to connect to the card company’s network.
  2. Enter the Pin: Input the pin number to use the credit on your calling card.
  3. Continue Traditionally: Proceed with the traditional calling steps as outlined above.

Issues with Other VoIP Services (Not Including Yolla)

VoIP services are a cost-effective solution for international calls, but they require both parties to install the app and have internet access. Most VoIP platforms, like WhatsApp and Telegram, don't support landline calls. However, Skype can call home and cell phones with a monthly subscription.

Other Methods for Calling Mobiles in Pakistan 

Traditional Mobile Calling Method

Calling cell phones in Pakistan using the traditional mobile method can sometimes be costly. Always check the per-minute rate with your network provider before you place your call. Remember, exploring other options like Yolla, can result in free calls. 

Initiate the Call

  1. Enter the International Exit Code: Start with the exit code from the US (011). If you’re calling from somewhere else, use this table of exit codes
  2. Dial Pakistan’s Country Code (ISD Code): It’s “92” for Pakistan. 
  3. Directly Enter the Mobile Number: Since you’re calling a mobile phone, there’s no need for an area code. Simply input the Pakistani cell phone number of the person you want to reach. 

Operator-Assisted Calls to Pakistani Mobile Phones

Steps to Follow: 

  1. Prepare Your Information: Have the complete Pakistani cell phone number and any required payment details close. 
  2. Contact the Operator: Dial the number of your operator-assisted caller. 
  3. Provide the Necessary Details: Inform the operator of your name, phone number, and the Pakistani mobile number you are calling, including the country code. 
  4. Wait for the Connection: The operator will connect your call. 
  5. Begin Your Conversation: Once connected, start your discussion. 
  6. Conclude the Call: Hang up after finishing your conversation. 

Using a Calling Cards to Call Mobiles in Pakistan 

To use a calling card to call a cell phone in Pakistan from the USA or other countries, use this method: 

  1. Dial the Access Number: Use the number provided with your calling card to connect to the service. 
  2. Enter the PIN: Input your pin to access the preloaded credit on your card. 
  3. Make the Call: Proceed to dial the mobile phone number in Pakistan using the traditional mobile calling method. 

Using VoIP Services to Dial Mobiles in Pakistan

Back in 2023, we created an article outlining the best app for making international calls. It may be useful to you:

VoIP services can provide a cost-effective solution for making international calls, but there are several factors to consider. For instance, do you need to contact businesses or financial institutions in Pakistan? Does the recipient not have the same VoIP app? Would you benefit from using multiple phone numbers? 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may want to consider Yolla:

Here’s how to use a VoIP service (Not Yolla): 

  1. Select a VoIP Provider: Choose one of many similar services. The person you are calling will also need the app.
  2. Set Up Your Account: Follow the setup instructions provided by your chosen VoIP provider, which may include downloading an app or software. 
  3. Ensure Strong Internet Connection: To use the VoIP app, the person you’re calling will need a strong and stable internet connection. 
  4. Dial the Number: Use the VoIP app or software to dial the Pakistani cell phone number following the standard dialing procedure


Looking to call Pakistan without spending a fortune? Check out this Yolla article on how to save with account top-ups. It’s perfect for anyone looking to stay in-touch internationally. Learn more and start saving:

Pakistan Area Codes 

When you need to make a call to someone in Pakistan, the area code is essential for most calling methods. Below is a list of major cities in Pakistan along with their corresponding area codes. This information will help ensure that your call connects smoothly.


Area Code





























International Exit Codes (The UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia) 


Exit Code

The UK










Discover Additional Helpful Tips 

Now that you’ve got the hang of calling mobiles and landlines in Pakistan from the USA, remember that there’s much more to explore! 

View our blog for more great articles on international calling tips and tricks. They’re packed with essential advice to ensure your overseas calls are both cost-effective and clear. 

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