Top Startup Cities–Call abroad to set a business

Top Startup Cities–Call abroad to set a business

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  1. Hong Kong
  2. Boston
  3. Dublin
  4. Singapore
  5. Bangalore
  6. Paris
  7. Tel Aviv
  8. Moscow
In startups - not only in a real estate - it’s all about location. Even if your workers are remote and you don’t have a physical office, the place where your headquarters are really mattered. From hiring people to dealing with taxes - location determines a lot. Not to mention the place has to be easily accessible for partners and investors. Cities of a business-friendly climate are not a big secret: Google gives a majority of studies on where it’s the best place to launch a startup. Yolla sums up the hottest information: here are our picks for setting up a business abroad in the nearest future.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong city view from above The proximity of Hong Kong to mainland China is a huge advantage for any market and the best possible solution for startup founders. Possibilities for business launched in Hong Kong are almost endless - that’s why the whole startup scene is massively growing. Taking advantages of Chinese business opportunities, Hong Kong innovations, and startup-friendly ecosystem, one can launch almost any kind of business in there! But you’d better start learning Chinese beforehand. English is good, but why not to have an ace in the hole? And should you need to arrange a business in Hong Kong you can always count on Yolla for calling abroad and talking with your partners.


Boston city view and streets

In 2016 in Boston some major venture companies were founded - Liberty Mutual Strategic Ventures and Underscore.VC, for instance, which automatically made this city one of the best places for launching a startup. They test self-driving cars in there and have a bunch of worthy projects on Kickstarter, which means the technological scene is in perfect condition for conducting tech startups. Need to call abroad to Boston? Yolla will help you.


a building in Dublin

Heard of Trinity College? Well, it’s been a ground for many outstanding startups for a long time and made the city of Dublin one of the top places to go launch a startup. Government tends not to put rapes around emerging businesses, taxes are low as well. But the best thing is a talented and motivated workforce which is the primary condition for anyone making up a team. Have a friend working for Irish startup? Call him abroad with Yolla and find out all the details. It won't cost you much: rates to Ireland.


tourist spot in Singapore with forest

One of 30 Singaporeans is expected to be a millionaire by 2020. Urgently need to become one, huh? Here, in Singapore, the mobile penetration rate is the highest in the world, people are perfectly educated, tech-savvy and can make up a perfect team. The most successful business areas are logistics, e-commerce, and real estate, so if you feel like launching a startup in one of them - welcome to Singapore. Want to join a startup in Singapore? Call abroad to any of them with Yolla!


a garden in Bangalore Bangalore, also known as an Indian Silicon Valley, is home for more than 5,000 active startups - a half of all the startups in India - and $2.3 billion in venture capital investments. Good enough for a single city! What’s more, the greatest e-commerce specialists live and work there giving the city not only the most desirable workforce in India but also the biggest mobile penetration in the country. Bangalore is also great from the point of maintaining life and work balance - green gardens all around make it a pleasant place to stay indeed. Call abroad your Indian friends and ask them yourself: lots of savvy Yolla users are from there! Rates to India.


view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower from above

Not only do Parisian croissants and coffee make startuppers lives better. Grants and substitutions from government alongside with loans contribute to making Paris a great place to run a business. Paris was listed as no. 11 of startups ecosystems worldwide in 2016, and will do better in 2017 with opening Station F - the biggest business incubator in the world! By the way, many Parisian projects - like Bla-Bla-Car - have billions in turnover. Inspiring environment, right? Want to be the next Bla-Bla-Car in France? Find investors! And if you need to call them abroad to France - Yolla is at your service.

Tel Aviv

a cafeteria in Tel Aviv

The most progressive center for startups outside the US is Tel Aviv, and the city deserves that title. With more than 1500 current projects running, it’s still easy to find any help for startup businesses and give a start to your ideas. IT-startups work especially well -  as the local market, doesn’t exist, companies go global and build world-class companies from the very first day. But not only do they go global, but also make the majority of worldwide projects with priority in monetization. On each international mobile conference, every second startup with monetization model has headquarters in Tel Aviv. Consequence? Don’t think so. So, if one is launching an IT startup with profitability from the very beginning in mind, Tel Aviv might be the place. Team up with friends in Tel Aviv and make an IT startup! And to communicate with them you can always count on Yolla for calls abroad to Israel.


a business center in Moscow

For the last 5 years, more than 6,000 startups have been launched in Moscow. Its’ ecosystem is changing as the time goes by, making it more attractive for venture capitals from abroad. Despite all the political issues, Russia is still one of the top countries to run a startup: government subsidies emerging businesses and invests in teams’ education, reduces taxes for many promising projects. Not persuasive enough? Keep on our blog as we’re going to expand the topic soon. And don’t forget to call abroad via Yolla each time you’re doing real business!
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