Black Friday Time!

Black Friday Time!

On the last Friday of November bargain lovers from all over the world will be celebrating the biggest sales and discounts festival - Black Friday. It’s still a week ahead but people are already spending hours online eagerly searching for the best Black Friday deals to buy first when Black Friday fever will officially begin. Following Thanksgiving, it’s usually taken as a day off and is dedicated to shopping.

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The roots of Black Friday go to the 19th century. Back then many Christmas or Thanksgiving Day parades were sponsored by department stores which used it as a big advertising push before the holidays shopping. Consequently Friday after Thanksgiving has become the one when Christmas shopping starts. But why is it called Black, one may ask?

Macy's annual thanksgiving parade to welcome Santa Claus

The reason is supposed to be… in inks color. The deal is, retailers used to operate at financial loss through the whole year with an exception of holidays season. Starting from the day following Thanksgiving they were making huge profit - till the end of holidays. While filling out financial records they would use red inks per negative amounts and black inks per positive ones. Consequently, starting from Black Friday financial record stopped being all red and would go back to black.

It hasn’t been long before Black Friday spread from the US to Canada and the UK and then became the world-famous event. Retailers all over the world use this day for special discounts, advertising campaigns, make up hypes to attract customers’ attention.

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Many retailers even open their doors in the middle of the night as people can stand in queues for hours! And after letting them in, the true craziness begins. People are carried away by Black Friday and buy all the things they need and don’t need at all. Shoppers scream, push and pull each other, run through crowds to grab the best Black Friday deals…

We wholeheartedly wish our readers all the luck if you decide to take part in Black Friday Sales! Be brave, be strong, be fast and don’t spend too much. And call your friends to share your shopping experience using Yolla, of course! Therefore… we have prepared a great offer too - go here to take your Yolla Black Friday bonus!

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