Yolla Logo Contest – Win an iPhone 11 Pro!

Yolla Logo Contest – Win an iPhone 11 Pro!

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As July starts, we are announcing a creative contest with cool prizes. We are delighted with how the previous contest went and with your feedback! So this time we have decided to celebrate the midsummer and go big! How big? We are giving away a brand new iPhone 11 Pro to the top winner of this contest! The contest is a creative one - you need to make or recreate the Yolla logo as the name of the contest implies and post it to Facebook or Instagram. And here's how you can do it: - IRL: Make or recreate our logo in real life, for example, make a logo out of people, draw graffiti on a wall (where legal), arrange items in a certain way so that they form a logo, literally anything, the sky's the limit! Use #yollareal to mark your posts. - Online: Love drawing on a computer? Or enjoy memeing? Develop websites for a living? Make a digital version of the Yolla logo and be as creative as possible! A cool logo made in Photoshop? Sure! Put the logo in a comic strip? Why not! A webpage where the logo dances all the way? Awesome! Use #yollaonline to mark your posts. - Video: Shoot a video or a jingle where you sing about Yolla in your native language, put on a theatrical act or even film a short movie. Anything creative in video format will do! Use #yolladynamic to mark your posts. Come up with mind blowing ideas, think outside the box and be as creative as you want to be!   IMPORTANT: To sign up for the contest, you need to top up your Yolla account with the 10% YOLLALOGO20 promo code.   The contest runs from July 1 to September 30.  In October, our judges will select the best work and award the winner with an iPhone 11 Pro. And those who get the most likes in each of the categories (#yollareal, #yollaonline and #yolladynamic) on Facebook will get $100 added to their Yolla accounts. NB: We are giving $100 to the most liked posts in each of the categories only for Facebook posts. As you are probably aware, Instagram doesn’t show the like count now, so there is no way we can see the most liked Instagram posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Yolla team is conducting a contest for users of the Yolla app. The name of the contest is YollaLogo. Competition period: 07/01/2020-09/30/2020 - active period of work submission 07/01/2020-10/15/2020 - active voting period 10/15/2020 - announcement of the winners Who can participate? All users of the Yolla application can participate, who during the contest period replenish their balance with any amount using the YOLLALOGO20 promotional code (10% replenishment bonus) and complete one of the submission tasks. What tasks do you need to complete? - Make the Yolla logo in real life (graffiti, a painting, logo formed out of items or people, etc.), use #yollareal - Make the logo in digital format (photoshop drawing, website, comic strip, etc.), use #yollaonline - Shoot a video or jingle about Yolla, use #yolladynamic Where do participants post their work? You can publish your work on 2 social networks - Instagram and Facebook. Works must meet one of the nomination categories. When publishing, be sure to use the hashtag of the relevant category: YollaReal - a creative logo implementation in the real world (painting, graffiti, arrangement of objects, etc.) #yollareal YollaOnline - a digital image creation of the logo. Make it in Photoshop, embed it in a comic strip, remake the colors, incorporate it in a website, etc.) #yollaonline YollaDynamic - jingle or short sketch for Yolla in the language of your home country #yolladynamic On Instagram, works should be published on personal open accounts in post format. Works from Stories cannot be counted as submissions, as this format is saved for only 24 hours. If the user indicates more than 1 hashtag category on their post, then the competition judges (the Yolla team) reserve the right to independently determine which hashtag category the work best fits. How does Yolla collect submissions and select winners? Total of 4 winners: 1st prize (iPhone 11 Pro) Of all the submission posts on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtags #yollareal or #yollaonline or #yolladynamic, the competition judges (the Yolla team) will choose the overall most creative work in their opinion. Keep in mind that the number of likes on the post does not matter for this prize. 3 prize for “Audience Choice Awards” are selected by the number of likes on Facebook for each of the hashtag categories. Works published on Instagram cannot participate in this part of the competition (for these 3 prizes), as Instagram does not allow anyone other than the post author to see the number of likes on the post. Each winner will receive a $100 bonus in their Yolla acount. One submission can only win one prize. The user who won the main prize (the iPhone) cannot simultaneously win the $100 Yolla account bonus. How are prizes awarded? Prizes are awarded and sent by the competition team at their own expense. The competition organizer will contact the winner in advance to clarify any details or award logistics, if needed.
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