Don’t Lose Touch With Family in the New Year

Don’t Lose Touch With Family in the New Year

Ho-ho-ho! Did you have a merry Christmas? How did you celebrate New Year 2019? You had a good time, didn’t you? We bet you did.

You probably spent the holidays with your family, visited your parents and grandparents, had a Christmas meal together, sang songs, shot fireworks and just had fun. And had that feeling…mhmm…as if you were a child again, a truly magic and unique time. What could possibly be better than celebrating the New Year with your close and loved ones, giving and receiving presents and just being together, right? Yeah, winter holidays, a wonderful time.

But now the merry days are over and you have to get back to your real life with a job, duties and other boring adult stuff. If only you could visit your relatives more often and have a nice time together like during Christmas and New Year celebrations…

Unfortunately, these days, life is fast and you’ve got so many things to do. You work from Monday to Friday, and only have time to rest during weekends. Not actually a rest – did you forget about the household chores? Washing clothes, cleaning the apartment or house, cooking food, taking kids to their extracurricular events and so on. The point is, you don’t really have enough time to visit your parents and grandparents during the year. Too bad. Because keeping in touch with your loved ones is important and we don’t have to explain why.

But you don’t have to be physically present in the same room to stay connected with family. Instead, in order to not lose touch in the New Year, you can call home and speak to your relatives. Having a talk is always a good thing, especially in the modern world when you don’t have that much free time to go to another city or country to visit your parents.

Though it seems that calling mum and dad is easy, it actually isn’t. You want to talk often and you want to talk as much as you can, right? Then using traditional mobile carriers is a no go. Why? Because it is super expensive. And if your parents live in another country…well, you would probably have to rob a bank to afford such costly calls. Using some popular app to keep in touch with family sounds pretty good. You can go to the App Store or Google Play to get Whatsapp or Viber. These apps are actually good. But before you download them, consider two things:

1) Do your parents, grandparents and all the other relatives have a good internet connection or internet at all?

2) Do they have a modern smartphone running iOS or Android and can they actually use it properly?


If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you are in trouble. So, what is the alternative? Calling using traditional carriers? Yeah, sure, why not, just don’t forget to rob a bank first, hah.

Jokes aside, neither of these options is that good. But there is a third – Yolla. Why use our app? Because we have low prices, so your wallet is safe with us: calling abroad with us is ridiculously cheap. And the ones you call do not need to have the internet or a smartphone at all (not even some old–fashioned mobile phone from the 2000s without operating system). Because you can call landlines too! Now you can call your grandma who doesn’t have these modern fancy devices with Whatsapp-what and tell her how much you love her. You can discuss your plans for future holidays, tell her how much you liked the present she gave to you, chat about how great the holidays were and how much you wish you could see each other more often. And thanks to the cheap rates, you don’t have to care about call duration, so you can talk on and on for ages.

Use Yolla to stay connected with family even if you are abroad and far away from them, and we will take care of the rest.

We understand how important it is to keep in touch with your close and dearest ones. And we love giving our users a possibility to talk more and talk for less. So, in the spirit of Christmas and New Year 2019, here is our present to you – a promo code! Use LYLH19 code to get extra 20% for your next top-up.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year once again!

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