Yolla gets UK App Design Award!

Yolla gets UK App Design Award!

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    In our very first year Yolla has already been recognised - this week we were honored to become Silver Winner of UK App Design Awards!

    Our team has worked hard to develop the most user-friendly, clean and transparent interface so that users have the best experience while using Yolla for calling abroad. Each button, colour and content unit were thoroughly considered and thought-out. We are used to researching a lot, so we have done a considerable amount of pre-tests and research. We have also had a fruitful cooperation with the design agency and in the end everything turned out to be just perfect.

    But that doesn’t mean we won’t become even better!

    Keep an eye on Yolla and don’t miss new releases. They will definitely lead us to new victories!

    Yolla becoming a Silver Winner of UK App Design Awards
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