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Why Yolla is better than international calling cards

Yolla is a Calling Card “2.0” app that brings you international calls without the complexity of calling cards. Forget about high rates, surprise charges, 3-minute rounding and complex dialing process with PIN numbers.

We throw the complexity and expense of calling cards out the window and let you easily call any country for cheap. You are always in control – you see the final cost on the screen before you dial the number. Your balance never expires. You get better call quality. And on top of that, you get the perks of a mobile app like phonebook, easy online recharge, referral program, promotions, regular updates, instant 24/7 support, additional useful features and what more!

Our rates start from $0.004 per minute. Want to see all the rates? Simply pick the right country from the list below, and you’ll know how much it will be to call there from your country.


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    Save up to 20% – get Yolla credits at my.yolla.io with PayPal or bank card!


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    Earn easy bonuses of up to $50 in free credits to make mobile and landline calls.

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