Nigeria Welcome Offer

Nigeria Welcome Offer

Nigeria Welcome Offer

Give us a try and get 30 minutes to Nigeria for only $0.99!

30 min for 7 days
Just $0.99
New users only
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Cheaper than
Ideal for
frequent callers
No need to top up
balance manually

Pay less, talk more

The subscription allows you to call mobiles and landlines in Nigeria at the best rate – even lower than our pay-as-you-go plan. As a new user, you also get a Welcome Offer subscription - 7 days for just $0.99 with 30 minutes to Nigeria, so you can try it without paying the full price.

After the Welcome Offer ends, you’ll be upgraded to a regular monthly subscription - 100 min per 30 days for $11.1. This is still cheaper than pay-as-you-go. Calls to Nigeria have never been more affordable!

How to Activate the Subscription

1. Sign up

Go to the Yolla web account and sign up with your phone number

2. Buy the subscription

Pay for the Welcome Offer with a credit or debit card

3. Get the Yolla app and call

Download Yolla from Google Play or the App Store, sign in and make affordable calls to Nigeria with your subscription

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why would I need a subsription?

    Because it’s cheaper. Our regular pay-as-you-go plans are already super affordable. But with subscriptions, you purchase a big package, we appreciate your commitment and give you a discount. Additionally, as a new user, you can give us a try without paying the full price and get a Welcome Offer subscription with 30 min/7 days for only $0.99. If you need to make regular calls to Nigeria, the subscription is a great choice for you.
  • Can I cancel the subsription?

    Yes, you can cancel the subscription at any time. We won't charge you for the next period and you’ll be able to use your subscription for the time you’ve already paid for.
  • Does the subscription renew each month?

    Yes. After the 30 min/7 days/$0.99 Welcome Offer subscription ends, you’ll be upgraded to a regular monthly subscription - 100 min per 30 days for $11.1 and charged automatically unless you cancel the subscription renewal before that.

    This way you won't have to renew the subscription manually. You’ll be charged automatically every month without having to enter the billing info each time.
  • What happens after I run out of minutes in the subscription?

    As for the Welcome Offer subscription (30 min/7 days/$0.99), after you use all 30 minutes or after 7 days pass, you’ll be upgraded to a regular monthly subscription (100 min/30 days/$11.1).

    As for the regular monthly subscription, if you no longer have minutes left and a new subscription period hasn't started yet, you can make calls to Nigeria at our usual pay-as-you-go rate.
  • Do unused minutes roll over into the next month?

    Unfortunately, we don't offer a rollover plan for unused minutes in welcome or monthly subscriptions.
  • What are the other terms of the subscription?

    The Welcome Offer subscription is valid for 7 days and gives you 30 minutes of calls to Nigeria for $0.99.

    After the Welcome Offer subscription ends, you’ll be upgraded to a regular monthly subscription that automatically renews for the next month, and so on, until you cancel it. Your unused minutes can’t be rolled over into the next month. You can read more about the subscription terms of use in boring legal language here.
  • Can I have more than one active subscription at a time?

    You can only have one active subscription assigned to your number at a time.

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