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Make Cheaper International Calls to Any Mobile or Landline Phone!

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International Сalling App That Keeps Your Phone Number

Currently abroad and need to make important calls?
Be yourself and keep your existing phone number!
Yolla displays your number, so the people you call will always know it’s you.

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Governmental Departments

Cheap International Calls and More

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    Call Abroad For Less

    Call 190+ countries, starting from $0.04 per minute.

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    Send International SMS

    Texting with Yolla costs only $0.15 per message.

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    Call Any Phone Worldwide

    Any phone-calling device will accept calls from Yolla.

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    Send Mobile Top-Ups and Yolla Credits

    Top up any mobile number in 148 countries or your friends’ Yolla accounts with low fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Yolla and why should I use it?

    Yolla is an application that lets you make free HD-quality calls to other Yolla users and premium-quality calls to any phone (mobile or landline) all over the world. All at low rates! Yolla uses your cell phone’s internet connection, be it WiFi, 3G, 4G/LTE instead of your phone’s voice network.

    Your friends and family always get calls from your personal phone number. They know it’s you and can even call you back!

  • Which calls are free?

    All Yolla to Yolla calls are completely free. Moreover, it is really easy to earn free credits to call to landlines and mobiles by inviting friends.

    *Please note that data charges may be applied by your service provider if you are using a cellular internet connection.

  • I don't have a bank card. How else can I buy credits?

    1. Android users can enable mobile phone billing in the Google Play app.
    Open the Google Play app > My Account > Add payment method > Enable ‘your carrier’ billing.
    Your carrier needs to be supported by Google Play (for example, Mobily, STC, and Zain are supported in Saudi Arabia).
    See the list of supported mobile operators (Direct carrier billing > Direct carrier billing availability).

    2. Apple iOS users can set up an alternate payment method supported by Apple, including PayPal, Alipay, UnionPay, and mobile phone billing (through supported carriers).

  • How can I get free credits?

    Invite friends to Yolla to earn free credits after your friend tops up their balance (deposits of $4 or greater).

    Open Get Free Credits (side menu of the Yolla app on Android or Gift button on iOS) to invite your friends, see the current reward campaign rules, and the amount of bonuses you can receive.

    In order to get your bonus you need to make sure that your friends use the referral link that you have shared with them to download Yolla on their smartphone.

    IMPORTANT: Please ask your friends NOT to switch their internet connection type (3G/WiFi) after clicking on the referral link.
    If your friend clicks the referral link while on a 3G network and then switches to WiFi to download the app, (or if there is a significant time between clicking the link and signing up) Yolla may not be able to track your referral due to technical restrictions. Once your friend has downloaded the app and signed up, they may switch their internet connection whenever they like.

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