How to Make Cheap Calls to Pakistan – Don’t overpay!

How to Make Cheap Calls to Pakistan – Don’t overpay!

Are you looking to make cheap calls to Pakistan? Do you have friends, family or colleagues there waiting for your call? We have good news for you. Yolla offers especially cheap calls to Pakistan – the rates are so low you’ll barely notice them! By offering affordable international calling rates, Yolla strives to keep you connected to your friends and loved ones in Pakistan, without breaking your bank. That’s your right. 

Here’s how it works. 

How to Make Cheap Calls to Pakistan

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. To make cheap calls to Pakistan, just download the Yolla app, top up your account and dial any mobile or landline you want to call.

That’s it! You’ll be calling Pakistan for cheap in minutes and can talk for as long as your heart desires. 

With Yolla, you can also earn credits to make FREE calls to Pakistan. I’ll show you how to do that in a bit, but let me explain how Yolla works first.

What is Yolla? Cheap VoIP Calls to Pakistan

Yolla is an international calling and texting app (WiFi calling app) that uses VoIP technology to connect international calls over the internet instead of via traditional cellular networks. 

All the technical jargon aside, what this means is that you can make cheap calls to Pakistan from a mobile app with the same high-quality connection you’re used to from regular calls at a fraction of the price. Gone are the days of using expensive calling cards for Pakistan.

By taking advantage of VoIP technology, Yolla can offer the lowest possible rates on international calls to Pakistan with HD call quality

Yolla’s Calling Rates for Pakistan

For international calls to Pakistan, Yolla charges $0.055 /min for calls to landlines and $0.045 /min for calls to mobiles

So, how can you start calling today? As you may already know, using an app for calling is incredibly simple.

If not, just follow these four steps.

How to Make Cheap Calls to Pakistan From Mobiles – With the Yolla app

  1. Download Yolla (iOS, Android)
  2. Sign up and verify your phone number
  3. Top up your account
  4. Start calling

Making cheap calls to Pakistan with Yolla is practically the same as making a regular call from your phone. Yolla synchronizes with your contacts list – just choose a contact and tap the call button. 

Cheap Calls to Pakistan From the USA, Australia, Canada, UK and Everywhere Else

Yolla’s rates are always the same, regardless of which country you call from. 

Whether you want to make cheap calls to Pakistan from the USA, Australia, UK, Canada or any other country, you’ll pay the same rate each time.

Yolla doesn’t only offer unbelievably low rates for calling Pakistan. It also guarantees stable, high quality, lag-free calls and much more. For example, you get to keep your number – anyone you call will know it’s you, no matter where in the world you’re at!

This can be especially useful if you have to call your bank back home from abroad. While using an app to call and message people around the world is no longer considered groundbreaking technology, most of these apps don’t let you call mobiles and landlines. 

Aside from Yolla’s low rates, the fact you can call directly to any phone anywhere in the world makes it a useful app for many people. 

Here’s the entire list of features you get with Yolla:

Yolla’s Extra Features – Reliability, HD Quality, No Expiration Date, and More

  • Keep your number: Yolla connects with your current phone number, so when you make a call, the recipient sees your name/number on their caller ID.
  • Unbelievably low rates for cheap calls to Pakistan to any network
  • Credits never expire
  • Reliable, HD quality calls – no lag or drops 
  • Easy-to-use interface that will never confuse you
  • Free, unlimited calling app-to-app
  • Cheap international texting
  • 24/7 customer support

Because of Yolla’s low rates and convenience, it can even be useful if you’re looking to make cheap calls from within Pakistan. 

Last but not least, let’s look at how to make FREE calls to Pakistan.

How Can I Make Free Calls to Pakistan From the USA or Anywhere Else?

I mentioned at the beginning of this article that there are several ways to earn free credits that can be used for making free calls to Pakistan. 

Here they are. Follow the below instructions, and you’ll be making free calls to Pakistan today.

Yolla Referral Program

Here’s how the Yolla Referral Program works. 

When a friend signs up to Yolla via your referral link, you both receive a $3 bonus to your Yolla accounts (worth 60+ min of free calls to Pakistan). There’s no limit on the number of bonuses you can receive – the more friends, the more bonuses! 

Just make sure your friend tops up their account after registration. Once they top up, you’ll both see $3 appear in your accounts, which can be used for free calls to Pakistan or any other country.

Here’s how this works:

  1. Find your personal referral link by tapping on the gift icon at the bottom of the screen
  2. Copy it
  3. Send it to your friends by SMS, email or any other way
  4. They purchase credit and you both receive $3
  5. Start calling Pakistan for free

Pretty easy, right? Android users have another option to earn free credit. 

Yolla’s Android Testing Program

You help us – we help you. Those of you with Android phones can sign up for the Yolla Android Testing Program. From time to time, you’ll receive occasional test calls and messages. For each test you receive, you get some free credit.

We won’t spam you and you don’t need to answer the calls or save the texts. Just watch them arrive and collect your free credit.

Here’s how to sign up in the Yolla app:

  1. Tap Get Free Credits
  2. Tap Testing Program
  3. Enable the tests you want to join

Another way to earn credit for free calls to Pakistan is with promo codes. Each code gives you a bonus on your next top-up (5%, 10%, etc.). Be sure to follow Yolla on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) to avoid missing any promo codes.

Yolla’s mission is to connect people with their friends, colleagues and loved ones around the world without breaking the bank – that’s everyone’s right

With Yolla, you have the freedom to make cheap calls to Pakistan without the hassle, unexpected fees and expiration dates of expensive calling cards. 

Stay connected to your friends and family and download Yolla to start making cheap calls to Pakistan today.

Happy calling!

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