How it Works

Easily earn $3 bonus for yourself, and help to get the same for your friend(s). Here are 3 simple steps:

  1. Share your personal Yolla link via free SMS or any other way.
  2. Your friend installs Yolla following your link.
  3. Once the app is installed, your friend makes a purchase.

The moment payment is made you both receive $3 credits on your Yolla balance. Your friends save, you earn – great, isn’t it?


Please note that there are certain technical limitations to our referral program:

• We can credit bonuses to your account only when your friend clicks on your referral link from their mobile device, installs the app, and signs up right after the installation.
• Your friend must be a first-time Yolla user.
• If your friend doesn’t click your referral link and download the app directly from the store, we won’t be able to credit you a bonus.
• If your friend clicks on several different referral links, we can only credit a bonus to the owner of the most recently clicked link.
• Your friend should not switch their internet connection type (e.g. 3G to Wi-Fi) during the registration process.


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