Yolla eSIM Testing Program

Our team is developing a new product - Yolla eSIM. Yolla eSIMs are electronic (digital) SIM cards that give you instant internet access anywhere in the world.

Here's what you need to do to take part in the testing program:

1. Install the app

Install the iOS app via the link for beta-testing:

2. Sign up

Register in the app via e-mail+password (don't use Apple ID, Google or Facebook to sign up).

3. Make a purchase

Buy an eSIM for 0.99 EUR and a 100 MB package. Depending on the country you should choose a Europe package for 0.3 EUR or a USA package for 0.5 EUR.

4. Scan QR code

You will receive a QR code to your email. Scan this code with your camera to install eSIM on your smartphone (more info here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J42fAEYtg2A).

5. Set eSIM as a SIM for mobile data

Go to iPhone settings and choose Yolla eSIM as a primary SIM for mobile data. Make sure that you use internet through Yolla eSIM.

6. Rate Yolla eSIM performance

Use the internet package, visit some sites and evaluate how well the internet is working. Please also go to https://whoismyisp.org/ and take a screenshot.

7. Tell us about the test results

Fill in the report via this link.

8. Get the bonus

Wait for the bonus to be added to your Yolla account!