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How People Celebrate New Year Worldwide

Thanks to Gregorian calendar Western Hemisphere will step into a new 2017 year and a new life this Saturday when we all will be celebrating New Year’s Eve. However, while the most of us will be sipping champagne, dancing and having a great time with friends and family, the rest of the world will be waiting for their turn to say goodbye to 2016 as some cultures are accustomed to New Year taking place at an absolutely different time. For instance, Chinese and Vietnamese New Year is going to be late-January this time, some other cultures which follow the Julian lunar calendar will be celebrating in mid-January, while the Jewish Rosh Hashanah is in autumn.

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Fighting Homesickness: Call Family Abroad, Find Friends and More

Why do people move overseas? Sometimes it’s for work, sometimes it’s to study and some people want to gain new experience and see the world while they still can. What unites these people is that they are supposed to enjoy their new lives morewell, mostlythan the ones they used to live. Busy building their lives from scratch in a new environment, they almost never feel homesick.

Another expat category includes relatives who moved overseas because of their families – spouses, children or even parents. And, in general, moving abroad is not their own initial decision. They did that not to leave the people they love behind or because they had no choice and therefore tend to miss home much more.

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World’s Leading Travel Destination 2016. Part 1

Last Friday, on the 3d of December, World Travel Awards announced winners of the best travel destinations worldwide for 2016. It’s the most prestigious travel award – Oscar for travel industry. Saint Petersburg, Russia, was honoured to get the Grand-Prix in nomination “World’s Leading Cultural City”! It’s a breakthrough, meaning not only the highest recognition of potential growth from international committee but also bright future on the international hospitality market. And, undoubtedly, lots of tourists will be coming there in the nearest future!

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