a woman holding a firework sparkler in her hand and celebrating a 2018 new year Fests

Have a Lucky 2018 (Bonus for calls abroad inside)

Fact: when it comes to holidays, people get carried away. New Year’s Eve is the peak of preparations, celebrations, and fun. In the midnight, people get rid of all the bad things that happened in the previous year and attract new good spirits and emotions. As an international company, we know pretty lots of hints from all around the world on how to attract extra luck. We shared some of them a year ago, and today we’ll extend the list a little bit.

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the year of the brown Earth Dog 2018 Fests

Year of Brown Earth Dog: Call Abroad for Cheap!

Ho-ho-ho! It’s the 1st of December, meaning main holidays of the year – Christmas in the Catholic world and New Year’s Eve – are coming. Either children or adults are equally waiting for this magical time as everyone deep inside believes that some miracles are about to happen in the late December.

People start getting carried away (right now, actually) buying proper presents for the whole family, planing on food and beverages for the nights.

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