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Best Android & iOS App for Free International Calls

Making international phone calls from your phone doesn’t have to be expensive.

Truth to be told, with an international calling app, sometimes it can even be free.

That’s because there are many free calling apps that allow you to make international calls at almost no cost. These aren’t traditional “phone calls” — you don’t really have to dial a difficult series of numbers or worry about making sure you have the right country code to reach the person you want to talk to. But the final result is the same: You use your mobile phone to speak to someone, and it doesn’t matter at all whether they are next door or on the other side of the world.

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Yolla International Calling – Welcome on Board

Yolla is an international mobile calling application that is changing the way people keep in touch with someone abroad. We make it easier to communicate globally, whether your business partners live in another hemisphere or you just want to call your grandma. There are things you can’t send in a text. For something big you need to make a phone call. And we’ve made our app to be the best one for that.

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